Bristol Activities

Bristol Activities - Your Group Activity Guide To Bristol

You and your friends are looking for fun activities in the Bristol area for your special day out, or team building day. So, what do you choose? There are loads of Bristol activities on offer.


Here’s a quick rundown of the best ideas for celebrating something special, from stag weekends and hen parties, to birthdays, to corporate team bonding and any excuse in between.

Bounce bounce bounce - Bristol activities

For a fume-free adrenalin boost, there is great range of outdoor Bristol activities to throw yourself into.  You can bounce on an inflatable, pit yourself against a bungee rope, try out wrestling Sumo style, race tractor tyres and even wang a few wellies.


‘Someone will get wet at some point’ seems to be a law amongst these events, where everyone mucks in and has a giggle.  Whack, wobble and weave your way through a series of challenges, with points being scored and a prize for the winner.

Shoot um' up Bristol Activities

Running around, hiding behind trees, jumping in puddles, getting muddy and shooting the enemy is like getting to be a kid all over again. Paintballing is a Bristol activity that gives the perfect excuse to carry on being big kids at some great local sites, including one on a proper job former military camp.


Does it get much better than this when it comes to Bristol activities? Splatting the enemy, aka your fellow stags and hens, with brightly coloured paint is great fun and far safer than real things which go bang! If you yearn to shoot stuff properly, then how about going all tweed and Hunter wellies for a spot of clay pigeon shooting? Taste the life of country ladies and gents as you test your aim and fire!

Bristol Activity

Get high on Bristol activities

For the ultimate adrenaline rush, why not take to the skies with some daredevil high ropes shenanigans. There are quite a few centres near Bristol to choose from, offering some seriously scary, sky-high, group activities. If you like to whizz through the air at high speed, then a 100 metre zip wire might be just the ride for you.


You can wobble about atop a 10 metre pole, get all James Bond on an abseil and leap Tarzan style through the trees to catch an aerial trapeze. There are Bristol activity packages available for stag and hen parties. So, make like an eagle and get airborne.

Shimmy it Bristol Activitiy

One for the hens? Burlesque workshops are pure fun and a beginner friendly Bristol activity. Release your inner diva as you learn to twirl those tassels and pose, with all the style and glamour of burlesque cabaret. Once you get to grips with the tease, the flirt, the quiver and the wink, you’ll be ready to strut your stuff to all your friends.

Be a petrolhead

With roads full of cyclists, pedestrians and those pesky speed cameras, there are far too few opportunities to let rip these days, so you need to find a spot where speeding is positively encouraged. For the weather-shy amongst you, there’s indoor karting to enjoy as one of the more traditional Bristol activities, with one of the centres even having a flyover!


Enjoy a Grand Prix event, with presentation ceremony and trophy for the champion, or maybe swap 4 wheels for 2 and go mad on mini-motos. If you like to get muddy, there are some great venues available in Bristol for 4×4 lessons, quad biking and off road buggies.

Get shaken and stirred

A cocktail making class is the perfect Bristol activity for stag parties, hen weekends and anything else you would like to celebrate. If you are looking to both have a fun night and impress your friends with your cocktail making skills when you get back home, this is the way to do it. Mix, muddle and shake your own concoctions and then, of course, comes the delicious business of drinking them!


There are several venues, offering a variety of classes and buffet packages to suit your hen or stag group. If a good brew or a proper job Westcountry cider are more your thing, there are beer making classes and cider tasting sessions available too.

Indulge yourself

If your stag or hen party fancies a spot of luxurious lounging and lazing, there are some top notch spas and lidos in and around Bristol and Bath. The Thermae Bath Spa is a popular choice with hen parties and the Clifton Lido, in Bristol, is a little slice of heaven.


You can splash and swim to your heart’s content, or simply sit in an outdoor Jacuzzi gazing up at the stars. At one of the opulent spas, why not opt for a full body massage, facial or mud wrap, to get you looking totally gorgeous for your hen or stag night out.

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