Stag Do Fancy Dress

west country games stag fancy dress

Stag Do Fancy Dress – The Best Stag Do Costumes

Having an epic stag do is about more than just getting drunk. It’s about having a laugh with your mates, it’s about trying new activities and it’s about the most hilarious, embarrassing stag do costumes you can possibly think of! Back in the day, a stag do was just a night out in the pub with a few pints of lager but today? Well, the sky’s the limit… literally! You want to go skydiving dressed like Superman? Go on then. How about a whole group of you driving a tank in terrible nun stag costumes? Why not!

Although each stag do is different, there are a few common stag do themes you can choose and the only limit is your imagination when it comes to dressing up. Once you’ve grabbed a great bunch of mates and decided where to go then the only thing left to worry about is which stag do costumes will cause the most embarrassment to the stag! We’ve put together a few of our favourite stag do fancy dress ideas to help you on your way.

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The Great Tradition of Stag Do Fancy Dress

Stag fancy dress has evolved over the years, and what was once just a chance to dress up like a woman and get drunk is now big business. As early as the 1800s, men were heading out in groups to have a drink or three before one of their number got married, and right from the start there was fancy dress involved. Stag do fancy dress ideas were slightly lacking back then though so it was often just making someone wear the wrong hat for their type of suit (true story)!

Nowadays it’s a rite of passage to grab a set of matching stag costumes and head out on the town, and you’ll rarely see groups of lads out drinking the last of their freedom away without some kind of fancy dress. Which leads us on to a very important consideration…

stag party history fancy dress

Fancy dress to embarrass the stag

This is only going to happen once, right? And the groom was a dick to you at school so this is your chance to get your own back! There are hundreds of embarrassing stag costumes to choose from, and picking the worst will make sure that it’s a night to remember for all the right reasons. Well… for you, anyway!

Try to work with their personality. Are they really image-conscious? Put them in something that makes them look horrendous; a baby’s bonnet to ruin their hair, or a mankini to leave nothing to the imagination. Or do they love being one of the lads and hate being told they’re under the thumb? A massive ball and chain might do the trick, followed by posting a million photos on Facebook! The best stag do costumes are the ones that cause maximum embarrassment to the stag while making you and your mates laugh the hardest.

What can you get away with (in public)?

The stag do fancy dress ideas we’ve mentioned so far have been pretty tame, because sadly there’s a limit to how much you can get away with in public. If you’ve hired a villa somewhere and it’s just you guys then that’s a different story, just don't forget that infamous Prince Harry photo in Las Vegas and think through your choices a little!

The basic rule for stag do costumes is this: embarrassing? Yes. Offensive to others? No! If you want to make the groom spend the night in a lady’s thong then crack on, but just be aware that you might not get let into bars, and if there are children around then you might get more than just complaints!

The same goes for anything that’s more offensive than just the groom’s naked body- needless to say, nothing sexist or racist please - just something that pokes fun at the man of the hour rather than offending a whole class of people.

stag wrestling costume funny

Our top 5 original stag do themes and costumes

So on to the good bit - our run-down of the best stag night costumes around.

Number 5 – May The Force Be With You

star wars stag do costume

This is one of the best stag do themes- Star Wars. It sounds a bit random but think about it- loads of you get to dress up as Storm Troopers, the one with the best beard gets to be Chewbacca and the groom has to dress up as Princess Leia in her famous bikini! You can always make yourself Darth Vader and force the rest of them to buy you drinks all night.

Number 4 – Avengers Assemble!

stag fancy dress super heroes

It’s everyone’s childhood dream! Becoming superheroes! These are pretty versatile stag do costumes, as it’s up to you whether you go the whole way and rent the padded suits or just pick up a few logo t-shirts at Primark. Either way, when there’s loads of you dressed like it you’re sure to get some attention!

Number 3 – More Tea?

stag do fancy dress nuns

Our choice at number 3 is the ever-popular tarts and vicars. What it loses in originality, it gains in hilarity; obviously the groom needs to be a tart, and it’s up to you whether all of the rest of you just go demure and laugh at him while fully-dressed as vicars or join into the exposure game! Expect plenty of jokes about where he’s keeping his wallet

Number 2 – I’ve Got A Brand-New Combine Harvester!

west country games stag fancy dress

This the West Country classic- farmers. Everyone loves a yokel and this is one of the easiest stag do costumes to create from what you’ve already got at home. If you’ve got a checked shirt, braces and a flat cap then you’re already 90% of the way there so all you need to do is perfect your Somerset drawl and hit the bars! Alright, my luvver!

Number 1 – Ladies’ Night

stag do fancy dress baywatch

Our top pick, beating all comers as the classic must-do stag night costume, it’s dressing up as women, whether it’s schoolgirls, old ladies or the groom’s bride-to-be! It’s worth saying that this last option is one of the highest risk stag do fancy dress ideas, as it comes with the distinct possibility that the groom might call the wedding off if he’s too repulsed… Short skirts, wigs and fishnet stockings are all obligatory, and at least one of your mates will shave their legs for the occasion, we guarantee it.

pirate stag fancy dress

Where to purchase your stag do fancy dress

Now you’ve got some great stag do fancy dress ideas, you need to know where to buy the costumes. Jump on Google and take a look for local fancy dress shops; even if there isn’t information on the website, most places will have a good selection of ready-to-buy costumes if you head in for a visit.

Alternatively the internet is your best friend for this one. eBay has a seemingly unlimited selection of stag fancy dress, and you can usually buy 15 or 20 of the same costume at the same time to save everyone shopping separately. Our only warning here is to order it all in advance and then try it on before you want to wear it- the sizing can be weird and you don’t want to get stuck trying to force yourself into lady’s skirt at the eleventh hour! That said, maybe that’s your whole costume… we’re not judging!

stag do fancy dress embarrassing
Get that Stag Dressed!

So, there you have it! A great stag do starts with great stag fancy dress, and now you’ve got the lowdown on how to smash out the best stag night ever.

Hen Do Fancy Dress Ideas

hen party fancy dress farmer

Hen Do Fancy Dress Ideas – The Best Hen Party Costumes

Everyone wants a great hen do before they embark on married life. Who doesn’t love a good time with their friends, getting a bit drunk and generally putting the world to rights? Where once you might have had a quiet evening in a local bar though, today it’s much more about cutting loose and sending the hen off in style. And what’s one of the best ways to do that? Grabbing some crazy hen do costumes and hitting the town, that’s how! 

If you’re after some great hen do fancy dress ideas then you’re in the right place. We’ve pretty much seen it all at West Country Games, so we’re well-placed to give you some inspiration on hen do themes and help you plan the most epic weekend possible for the bride. If you’d like her to look classy then there are some good chic hen costumes available, but if you want to embarrass the life out of her then you’re in luck as that’s what the majority of hen do costumes are all about! We’ve put together our pick of the best.

What is West Country Games?

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West Country Games embraces all the stereotypes of the West Country in one great day out, comprising of 9 totally hilarious games suitable for all sorts of groups.

If you have an upcoming, Stag do, Hen Weekend, Birthday Party or Team Building Day, then why not give us a try?

The Great Tradition of Hen Do Fancy Dress

Go back 50 years and hen dos weren’t so much of a thing. While the men were out drinking to celebrate an impending marriage, women often stayed at home to prepare for the big day. Luckily that’s very much no longer the case! Having a hen do is an integral part of getting married, and hen do fancy dress ideas have got weird and wonderful.  

Your weekend might be a low key chill out with friends or a mental weekend in the pubs and clubs, but nowadays it’s easy to find hen costumes for both. You can go as sedate or as crazy as you long as the hen is a good sport!

history hen party fancy dress

Fancy dress to make the hen feel good…or embarrass them!

When you’re looking for some perfect hen do costumes you’ve got two options. If you’re feeling kind (and worried about what the bridesmaid dress might end up looking like!) then go for a flattering, sexy number like a slinky air hostess. The hen will be the centre of attention for all the right reasons, and will feel a million dollars. She’ll love it. 

But what about if you’re feeling naughty and want to embarrass her instead? That’s OK too! She must love her husband-to-be, she is marrying him after all, so how about building the hen fancy dress around him? Have masks made from his face, dress everyone up like him and watch her squirm!

granny hen party best fancy dress

What can you get away with for hen fancy dress?

It might be hilarious to think of a million ways to embarrass the bride, but just be careful that you don’t go too far with your hen night costumes if you’re heading out in public. Dressing her up like a porn star is going to give all your mates a great laugh but it might not go down too well in a nice restaurant! 

When choosing a hen do theme it’s also a good idea to keep the bride’s sense of humour in mind. A bride-to-be sobbing in the toilets is a sign you’ve gone too far! A bit embarrassing is normally OK, but totally horrifying generally isn’t. You still want to be invited to the wedding after all!

Our top 5 original hen do themes and costumes

We’ve put together our pick of the 5 best hen do fancy dress ideas to help you on your way.

5. The Shepherdess

shepherdess hen fancy dress

First up is one of the classic hen do costumes: the shepherdess. Meek and demure yet a little bit risqué if you throw in a bit of cleavage, this is a good one for ladies who want to dress up and look glam.

If the rest of the hen party all want to dress up as sheep then so much the better!

4. Pub Golf

hen costume pub golf

Next we have pub golf, which is not a typical hen costume but is a great choice because of the entertainment that comes alongside. Dress up as sexy golfers with pleated skirts and long socks, grab a scorecard here then hit the pubs to hit a round of cocktails and shots!

Plus don’t forget the amazing benefit of golf-related hen costumes- you get to wear trainers with your outfit. You’ll be thanking us at 4am!

3. Air Hostess

air hostesses hen fancy dress party

Hen fancy dress outfit number 3 is the super-sexy air hostess. This can be made as full-on as you want with some slinky outfits and tight-fitting shirts, or a bit classier if you go along the more buttoned-up route to turn it into a chic hen costume. Expect lots of attention from everyone else in town, and maybe a few generous offers to be your pilot!

2. Pink Ladies

pink ladies hen costume

At number 2 on our list of hen do fancy dress ideas it’s the ever-popular Pink Ladies from the film Grease. The film is a classic and the hen night costumes are too!

We’re talking tight black trousers, spike heels or trainers, shiny pink jackets and hair as crazy as you want. This one is a good choice for mixed groups as it allows everyone to design their own outfit. 

1. Farmers

hen party fancy dress farmer

Topping our list as one of the best hen do costumes around, it’s that West Country classic of dressing up as farmers! You can go wild with this one. Want to channel your inner Wurzel? Go for it.

Or have the bride as the farmer and everyone else as the farm animals? That works too! Dungarees, denim, checked shirts and straw hats are all great accompaniments to a night out.

Where to purchase your hen do fancy dress

The final step in organising the perfect hen weekend is to turn your hen do fancy dress ideas into reality. Google is your best friend as it lets you search for local fancy dress shops which might have some bargain hen costumes on offer. Alternatively, lots of retailers have online shops so check out Amazon or eBay to see what you can find. Make sure you buy the right sizes though, there’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting shepherdess outfit!

superhero hen fancy dress
Your Hen Fancy Dress Inspiration... Done

And that’s it! Now you know how to find the ultimate hen party fancy dress costumes, all you need to do is add prosecco and some good mates. Enjoy!

Bristol Halloween Party Guide – Where to go in Bristol this Halloween

Bristol Halloween Party Guide
Jungle Horror Story Bristol Halloween
Bristol Halloween Party Guide

Bristol Halloween Events: Our Guide to Halloween in Bristol

If you’re heading out in to the frightening darkness of Bristol this Weekend on a stag dohen weekend, or just for fun, then make sure you make the most of it!  There is so much in the way of spooky shenanigans up for grabs on this Bristol Halloween, we want to let you know the good bits on offer.  Read on, if you dare!

What is West Country Games?

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West Country Games embraces all the stereotypes of the West Country in one great day out, comprising of 9 totally hilarious games suitable for all sorts of groups.

If you have an upcoming, Stag do, Hen Weekend, Birthday Party or Team Building Day, then why not give us a try?

Our guide to the best bristol halloween events of 2021

Halloween is no longer just an American holiday; us Brits have embraced the spooky splendour and have started indulging in fancy dress, trick or treating and pumpkin decorating to boot. And hey, us Bristolians love an occasion… so we really do go all out!

If you’re looking for more info on what Halloween in Bristol could be like for you this Autumn, read on. There really is plenty to see that’s spine-chilling and do that’s devilish.

lakota fun house of horrors bristol halloween

You can always count on Lakota to put on a great party and this Halloween in Bristol is no different! Head down to this legendary venue in Stoke’s Croft for another whacky night!

This year, Lakota have conjured up another amazing all-immersive night. With acro-bats, fire performers, and zombie cages, you’ll be in for a surprise around every corner! Ghoulish outfits are a must to gain entry into the fun within.

The music, of course, will be up to the usual mind-bending par, with top DJs pounding out Drum & Bass, Disco, House and Jungle.


Sunday 31st October 2021– 22:00pm - 4:00am

Walking Tour Halloween Bristol

Get in the mood for Halloween a week early with this hair-raising spook fest put on by Bristol Film Festival! Head deep down underground beneath the city to the Redcliffe Caves.

Once home to wily smugglers and dastardly pirates and later, used as shelter from the perilous bombs of the Second World War, these cave walls certainly hold a lot of mysteries!

This year Bristol Film Festival are hosting screenings at Arnos Vale and Bristol Museum too around the Halloween season so you have plenty of chances to catch one of their showings. We think Redcliffe Caves are still the best spot to catch a horror film that will haunt your nightmares for weeks after so snap those tickets up fast!

You can choose from a wide array of macabre movies, from classics such as Dracula and The Exorcist to spine chillers such as The Descent… Was that noise behind you from the surround sound or from the depths of the dark tunnels…?

Redcliffe Caves

Friday 29th October– Sunday 31st October 2021

motion carnival of the dead halloween bristol

For a riotous night out, you can’t get much better than Motion and their epic all nighters. This year, the Carnival of the Dead is set to enthral your senses with some legendary DJs such as Shy FX, DJ Marky, and DJ Hype taking over the whole Motion and Marble Factory complex.

Motion really go to town with their Halloween celebrations so expect amazing decorations, crazy carnival dancers and insane beats!

Fancy dress isn’t compulsory but strongly encouraged.


Friday 29th October 2021 – 22:00- 06:00

Bristol Halloween Party Guide

If you really want to freak yourselves out, head over to the Hatchet Inn for the authentic Halloween experience. The pub dates from 1606, is reportedly haunted and it is also rumoured that underneath all the paint, the front door is made from human skin.. need we say more!?

Whilst there is no official party going on this year, The Hatchet is always a hub of Halloween activity, both human and supernatural! Head over for at least one Bloody Mary to get you in the mood for the evenings festivities.

The Hatchet Inn

Friday 29th – Sunday 31st October2021

boogielands the halloween horror festival bristol halloween

One of the coolest venues in town, The Old Crown Courts set the stage for this belter of a Halloween party. Journey down to the Bridewell complex and party the night away at 4 of the venues to some seriously funky beats.

Rumoured to be haunted, the undead will certainly be awoken by the eclectic music choice on offer. From funk and soul via power ballads to trance, there really is something for everyone! The organisers have pulled out all the stops with dancers and performers throughout the complex ready to entertain and terrify.

The Old Crown Courts

Saturday 30th October 2021 – 20:00pm – 05:00am

Horror In The Caves Halloween Bristol

Ever wanted to learn more about your Bristol’s creepy past? Join this award winning 90 minute walk to discover the dark histories and grim secrets lurking around every corner!

Find out which city centre pubs are haunted, (not what you expect!), visit film and tv locations and hear spine chilling tales that will make you look at the city in a whole different way next time you’re stumbling home from the pub in the dark!

Make sure you book in advance for this spooky night time walk, after all, where else are you going to hear the story about Clifton’s ghostly Dwarf Highwayman?

Bristol Cathedral, College Green

Saturday 30th October – 20:00pm

Bristol Halloween Party Guide

For something a bit more intellectual.. (well about as intellectual as we get!) check out the Royal Naval Volunteer’s special Halloween Pub Quiz! Test out your knowledge of all things spooky for the chance to win the top prize!

Brush up on your scary movies, lyrics to Thriller and names of serial killers and make sure to come up with a great, Halloween themed team name too!

Just don’t forget that using a Ouija board is just as much of a cheating offence as using your smart phone!

Royal Naval Volunteer

Friday 22nd October 2021 – 19:00pm – 22:30pm

Bristol Halloween Party Guide

Halloween Traditions in Bristol

Halloween is becoming a bigger and bigger deal across Bristol and it’s a great excuse to dress up and get out. West Country Halloween traditions are still being set and are similar to those celebrated in the US of A, so help shape the spooky season and head off to one of the eerie events on offer to support local businesses and venues. Plan out your wicked weekend and make your own annual tradition to honour the hair-raising holiday!

Halloween events in Bristol include family-friendly parties and activities as well as adults-only nights, so there’s something for everyone… from cartoon cobwebs to phantasmal performers!

Top 3 Bristol Halloween Events

The city has a whole host of events on for All Hallows Eve, so we’ve picked three Bristol Halloween events that are all a little different. Don’t limit yourself to just one – there’s lots on!

Lakota House of Horrors Bristol Halloween Special

This has to be the best of the Halloween club nights that Bristol has to offer this year – and there’s a great choice! Lakota has long been the scene of some of the craziest nights with the best music. The venue really pulls out all the stops for its big events and All Hallows Eve is no different! Not only is the music top class, but as soon as you walk through the door you will be immersed in a spectacular world of macbre dancers and performers. This is one not to miss!

Haunted and Hidden Bristol Halloween Walking Tour

The perfect activity to get you in the mood for the scary season. Learn about the terrifying past of Bristol lurking within the shadows of the streets you thought you knew. Taking place after darkness has fallen, you will explore the old quarter of the city and hear some truly hair-raising tales of the old inhabitants and their bloody deeds. With a strong pirating past, and plenty of deranged characters, expect to never be able to walk around the city at night again without looking over your shoulder!

Bristol Film Festival: Horror in the Caves

Deep beneath the streets in the Radcliffe Caves, the local Film Festival presents one of the most unique Bristol Halloween events: films in the crypts! Check out a scary screening with newcomers such as Midsommar or the classic Dracula – there is an impressive line-up of monstrous movies across the whole of the Halloween weekend. Even visiting in the day can be daunting as the darkness never leaves the caves… and those stone walls have a lot of ghost stories to tell.

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Bristol firework displays – Our pick of the best Bristol firework displays

Bristol Firework Display
Bristol Firework Display
Bristol Firework Display

Our best pick of the best Bristol firework displays

It’s that time of year when we huddle around a fire and watch as the skies are lit with fireworks to celebrate Bonfire Night, watching some of the best Bristol firework displays.

This of course is a celebration of the famous foiled Gun Power Plot, following Guy Fawkes’ attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605.  And as we enter one of the most worrying political climates of recent times, perhaps you too will find yourself wondering whether we just might have been better off letting our mate Guy finish the job!

But put that to one side for the time being and get yourselves out to one of the organised Bristol fireworks displays or bonfires in your area of.  After all, with BBQ’s, mulled cider and hog roasts accompanying various other live entertainment for the whole family, you’ll be missing out otherwise!

Here’s a round-up of all the best of what’s happening in Bristol.  Local schools and communities may have even more shows lined up.

What is West Country Games?

West Country Games Home Page Logo

West Country Games embraces all the stereotypes of the West Country in one great day out, comprising of 9 totally hilarious games suitable for all sorts of groups.

If you have an upcoming, Stag do, Hen Weekend, Birthday Party or Team Building Day, then why not give us a try?

Here is our Bristol firework display guide for 2019

Bristol Firework Displays

Downend Round Table Fireworks – Friday 1st November 2019

Bristol’s biggest firework display, Downend Round Table never fail to deliver a spectacular show!

Head over to King George V playing fields early as not only is there a super long musically coordinated pyrotechnic masterpiece but are also fairground rides, a stage with live music and performances and, perhaps most importantly, a bar.. I mean hotdog stand!

The children’s display starts at 6:30pm and the main display at 8:00pm. This is a very popular event so make sure to pre-order your tickets to avoid disappointment and try to arrive by public transport to avoid the nightmare parking situation.

  • Friday 1st November 2019

  • 17:30pm - 21:00pm

  • King George V playing fields, Downend, BS16 6QW

  • £7 adults, £5 children (under 16), under 3 free

DoubleTree by Hilton Cadbury House – Friday 1st November 2019

Cadbury House always put on a great firework display and it’s open to everyone whether you are a member or not .

It’s worth driving out of town for this one, there’s plenty of parking, food and drink stalls and fairground rides as well as the epic display! Fireworks start at 18:30.

  • Friday 1st November 2019

  • 17:00pm - 19:30pm

  • DoubleTree by Hilton, Cadbury House, Congresbury, BS49 5AD

  • £8 adults, £6 children, £25.00 family, under 2 free

bristol fireworks 2016

Canford Park Charity Fireworks Fiesta – Saturday 2nd November 2019

One of the best Bristol fireworks displays, we definitely recommend a visit to Canford Park! This is our top tip for the Saturday night. This is a simple but great affair, with no fairground rides, just some food and drink stalls and a band to entertain everyone before the display begins. It’s

perfect for those who just want to go and watch a spectacular fireworks display and then go home! Run by the Bristol Round Table and Rotary Club, the money goes to some amazing local causes too so make sure you snap up a ticket and get involved! Fireworks display begins at 19:00

  • Saturday 2nd November 2019

  • 17:30pm - 19:30pm

  • Canford Lane, Westbury-on-Trym, BS9 3NX

  • £5 in advance £6 on the gate, under 3 free

bristol fireworks 2016

Bishop Road Fireworks Extravaganza – Saturday 9th November 2019

For a proper family fun evening, this display, hosted by Bishop Road Primary School, ticks all the boxes.

Featuring fire performers, a samba band, bars and food stalls, it’s worth coming along early to enjoy yourselves before the fireworks begin. You must purchase your tickets in advance as none will be available to buy on the door

  • Saturday 2nd November 2019

  • 17:00pm - 20:00pm

  • School Field, Off Bishop Road, Bishopston, Bristol, BS7 8LQ

  • TBC

Fireworks to Music at Avon Valley – Sunday 3rd November 2019

Fireworks are always brilliant when timed to music especially when done well like they are at Avon Valley!

A firm favourite on the calendar, this is another large display complete with funfair, sparkler zone and plenty of food and drink! Fear not, the furry residents of the park are kept well away from the loud bangs!

This is another event that sells out fast so pre-book tickets to avoid disappointment. Fireworks start at 19:15 with the bonfire being lit after the display.

  • Sunday 3rd November 2019

  • 17:30pm - 21:00pm

  • Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park, Pixash Lane, Keynsham, BS31 1TP

  • From £4.50

Puxton Park Bonfire Night Fireworks Display – Saturday 2rd November 2019

This is a proper professional affair with fireworks display team Fire Magic returning to put on an absolute corker of a night!

This award-winning company will blow your socks off with their pyrotechnical wizardry! Not only that but you can also go on many of the park attractions along with children’s rides and the giant soft-play barn.

There will be stalls, a hog roast and a BBQ to top it all off! Make sure to purchase your tickets ahead of time as there will be no tickets available on the door. Fireworks display begins at 19:00pm.

  • Saturday 2rd November 2019

  • 17:00pm - 21:00pm

  • Puxton Park, Cowslip Lane, Weston Super Mare, BS24 6AH

  • £10 adults/children, £36 family of four, under 2 free

bristol fireworks 2016

Fireworks at Sea at The Grand Pier – Saturday 9th November 2019

You can’t beat watching fireworks over water so where better to catch a display than on the pier at Weston-Super-Mare looking out to sea (okay, Severn Estuary!).

Grab the best spot by booking tickets on the pier itself so truly appreciate the beautiful reflections cast into the water below.

This is definitely a display with a bit of a difference and one to remember forever! Tickets include unlimited rides Fireworks will start at approximately 8pm.

  • Saturday 9th November 2019

  • 18:30pm

  • The Grand Pier, Marine Parade, Weston-Super-Mare, BS23 1AL

  • From £9.50

Victoria Park Bonfire Night – Tuesday 5th November 2019

No fireworks.  Enter the build a  guy competition, bring your own contributions for the bonfire (wood only!) and enjoy a proper family friendly affair.

Guy competition at 18:00, fire lighting at 18:30

  • Tuesday 5th November 2019

  • 18:00pm - 21:00pm

  • Victoria Park, Totterdown, Bristol, BS3 4DP23 1AL

  • Free!

bristol fireworks 2016

Bonfire Night at Boiling Wells, St Werburghs City Farm – Saturday 9th November 2019

Come along to a bang-free evening, perfect for the younger members of the family and an event with a truly community feel.

Although there are no fireworks to keep the animals happy, there is plenty going on with live music, mulled wine, kids crafts, hot food, UV face paint, fire eating and juggling and a silent disco so there is plenty to keep you busy!

If you do fancy seeing a few rockets after, pop next door to the Farm Pub afterwards (see below for further information)

  • Saturday 9th November 2019

  • 16:00pm - 20:00pm

  • Boiling Wells Woodland, St Werburghs City Farm, Watercress Road, BS2 9XY

  • £8, under 12’s free.

Fireworks at the Farm- Farm Pub – Saturday 9th November 2019

Go along to the Farm for a proper knees up to celebrate this Guy Fawkes.

This is one to leave the kids at home for – with doors opening at 20:00, enjoy a few mulled ciders at the outdoor bar in the garden, enjoy a mega firework display then stay on for the live music including FFTP, who tout themselves as anarchic traditional folk music! They’ll get you up and dancing for the rest of the evening.

  • Saturday 9th November 2019

  • 20:00pm - 01:00am

  • The Farm, Hopetoun Rd, St Werburghs, BS2 9YL

  • Donations on the door

Portishead Town Football Club – Friday 1st November 2019

A fab event for those who live in beautiful Portishead, with plenty of stalls, fairground rides for the kids Display starts at 19:30.

Only disabled parking is available.

  • Friday 1st November 2019

  • 18:00pm

  • Portishead Town Football Club, Bristol Rd, Portishead, BS20 6QG

  • £5 adults in advance, £7 on the gate, £1.50 children in advance, £2.50 on the gate, under 5’s free

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team building bristol

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A West Country themed team building fun day is a winning formula to bring your team closer together!  Let your team engage together in 9 totally unique Bristol team building activities suitable for all ages & abilities, and make it a day out to remember.

Bristol Team Building Activities

A West Country themed team building fun day is a winning formula to bring your team closer together!  Let your team engage together in 9 totally unique Bristol team building activities suitable for all ages & abilities, and make it a day out to remember.

There’s nothing better for your team than a fun day out, full of activities and wonder. Getting to know each other can be difficult when you’re stuck behind your desk in an office all day, and there are better times to get to know your colleagues than during a rushed coffee refresh in the breakroom. Our choices range from conventional to unconventional, unique to time-tested, and everything in between!

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Bristols's best team building activity!

Your team team day out would not be complete without a visit to West Country Games.

Bristol’s most popular group activity offers high octane competitive fun in the form of 9 hilariously themed games involving large inflatables, catapults, vicky pollard sumo suits and much more!

And what better way to round off a day out at the farm than a BBQ, picnic and a few glasses of proper West Country cider?

West Country Games Activitiy

Choosing Company team building activities in Bristol

Team building in Bristol is not an uncommon activity. These exercises can help groups improve their skills; particularly those of problem solving and leadership. It is highly recommended that all workplaces, no matter their size, partake in some kind of team building or team activity every year – preferably several times a year.

This is because team building can help to build healthy relationships between individuals who work together, but it can also weed out any discourse that may not usually be visible during the working day. The activities that are involved in team building are vital for improving workplace relationships and helping workers figure out each other’s strengths. There are no weaknesses, only learning opportunities and ways to help one another.

When choosing your team building activities in Bristol, a team leader or manager has several points to consider before booking or cementing any days out.

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Organising your team day out

Organisers should recognize that there needs to be some kind of outcome that comes from the Bristol team building activities. There is little point in setting a team out into the “wild” without a plan in mind. Even if that plan is as simple as getting your team to talk more or helping them release some stress in a fun or creative way. Your team will be wondering what the point of it all is; have an answer for them.

Consider your demographic, as well. If you have a younger team, they’re more likely to enjoy exciting and thrilling activities or days out; whilst older team members may prefer conferences with a few benefits attached. But these are all pretty common ideas with one single flaw: they don’t promote team effort. Any member of your team could easily separate themselves, or the larger group could split up into friendship cliques – and every age group has those.

West Country Games includes everyone

How do you stop that from happening, you ask? Consider activities that make your team members into a team outside of work. Sporting activities, races, challenges, make sure you incorporate things that people of all ages in your team can participate in, too.

In addition, take into account the health of your team and try to incorporate games that even those who aren’t completely able-bodied or in good health can still join. No one should be left behind if they choose to sign up to your team building event.

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Fun Team Activities

Now that you’ve got a plan of action, it’s time to find an event or a suitable company who offer team building events. For Bristol team building, try West Country Games! West Country Games is the collision of ideas between two childhood friends who want to invite others to get back to the basic enjoyments of childhood: running around in the fields and trying to get the best of one another.

West Country Games is a fun activity company that creates games which are suitable for those who want to interact with each other. It’s all about having fun, with no pressure attached, and making sure that anyone of any ability can join in.

The company currently have nine games that can be played by your employees. Three of them are outlined below, so that you can get a rough idea of the craziness your desk-bound workers can get up to if you believe they need a little escape for a while. Who doesn’t love beating a colleague with a giant blow-up baton and trying to get them to fall over, after all?

Fun Team Activities

That first game we’ve thrown in there is “Pitchfork Duel”, a game that West Country Games is positive will sort out any lingering disagreements or grievances about who ate the last chocolate digestive.

Our second game choice is the “West Country Wipeout”, a hectic team building activity that gets everyone involved.  Dodge the pedal powered Badger themed sweeper arm as your colleague tries to knock you down. Harder than it sounds!

For number three, try your hand at throwing a welly boot at a target. “Welly Wanging” is sure to get the competitive spirit going! A classic team building in Bristol game, keeping a tradition alive.

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Let us manage your Bristol Team Building event

But that’s not all we can offer at West Country Games. Our activities are great for companies, and we have plenty more to offer you than what you can see here. Bristol team building activities are easy to find, but you’ll never come across a set of games like the field-bound ones that we offer.

We can manage your entire day for you, and even include lunch for your hungry welly throwers that have just launched a rubber boot backwards or almost hit their neighbour in the head. Coaches and minibus transfers are available with us, too; we aren’t going to leave anyone stranded in the middle of nowhere.

And if you’ve got a few business things to do, as well, we can help you out with some nearby conference facilities. Contact us today and see what kind of wonderful English weather we can conjure up for you while your co-workers and team members battle it out for first place.


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