Bristol Booze Cruise Guide

bristol booze cruise

Bristol Booze Cruise Guide

Straddling the River Avon, Bristol is a brilliant city for events, occasions and party getaways with loads to see and do. Its unique waterside areas are beautiful in sunny weather and play host to a huge range of restaurants, bars and venues. A booze cruise in Bristol will make a memorable trip no matter the occasion for your city visit and with so much on offer, can be adapted to suit any group type, size or budget.

What is West Country Games?

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West Country Games embraces all the stereotypes of the West Country in one great day out, comprising of 9 totally hilarious games suitable for all sorts of groups.

If you have an upcoming, Stag do, Hen Weekend, Birthday Party or Team Building Day, then why not give us a try?

Make the Most of your Boozy Bristol Boat Trip

There’s a range of Bristol boat trips available to be booked through various venues and companies, each with a slightly different angle and theme. Bristol booze cruises do get booked up in advance by tourists as well as by locals so it’s best to find the trip you want and make sure you’ve paid for your party’s place at least a month beforehand. Book as early as possible to confirm your Bristol boat party!

bristol boat trips

Boozy Bristol Boat Trips

As with any city that attracts lots of visitors, there’s plenty of companies catering for tour and party groups. Bristol boat trips comes in all shapes and sizes but the most widely available format is a pub tour… by water!

These Bristol boat party trips incorporate sailing between pitstops to pubs, and usually three of them. You can find Bristol boat hire firms in both the city centre ready to sail out (and sometimes loop round back), or further out to then transport into the city. Most travel down the Avon stopping along the way and ending up at Cascade Steps in the city centre.

Providing that you’re aged over 18, in good health and have appropriate ID, there’s no limit to attending a Bristol booze cruise. Bristol boat hire companies report stag parties and hen parties as their most popular booze cruise customers, but these trips also work well for birthdays, leaving dos and celebrations!

The Best Pubs to Visit...

booze cruise bristol docks

Bristol is home to some fantastic pubs, both traditional and a bit newer, but there’s three along the River Avon that we really rate. Look out for a Bristol boat party route that includes these three, and if it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to ask – lots of Bristol booze cruises can be amended and adapted to suit your preferences.

Pump House

pump house bristol booze cruise

The Pump House is an absolutely stunning building and it’ll take your breath away as you approach it by boat… have your camera ready for some social media pics! Situated where the city docks meets the River Avon, its now owned by a chef so you can enjoy some of the city’s best ales and beers as well as some great pub grub. It even has two rosettes for culinary excellence!

The Cottage Inn

cottage inn bristol booze cruise

Sitting on the historic harbour at Baltic Wharf, The Cottage Inn is run by a local brewery who specialise in beer and cider. It’s right on the river and was used as a dockside timber storage building before the docks closed and was then restored and refurbished into the pub that sits there today. You can sit outside or in, and this pub too had a kitchen full of top-notch chefs working on an ever-changing seasonal menu.

The Ostrich Inn

ostrich inn cruise

The Ostrich public house is nestled back in the centre of the harbourside, surrounded by hotels and restaurants. Fairly informal, its family and dog friendly, and deck chairs line the riverside for casual drinkers stopping for a break and a beverage. There’s free Wi-Fi for a quick check in on your social media profiles, and plenty of local and international beers on tap as well as an impressive spirits and wine menu. The Ostrich really does cater for everyone and makes for a great stop to continue your party without any pressure or formalities.

bristol boat

Where to finish off your Bristol Booze Cruise…

Once you’ve alighted and recovered from your sea legs, it’s time to find another bar to continue the celebrations. There’s no shortage of places to choose from within easy walking (or even stumbling distance) from your Bristol boat hire, but these are some of our favourites.

Millennium Square

millenium square boat bristol

If your group are likely to gravitate toward chain restaurants and pubs and are looking for comfort and value, Millennium Square is the right district to head toward for you. This development is home to several venues and is very commercial. You’re very likely to find a chain that you know from home so it’s the perfect place for those members of your party who may like to opt for something a little less adventurous.

King Street

king street bristol boat party

King Street is a well-renowned party area with a reputation for giving celebratory groups a good time. A little more boozy than elsewhere in the city, the street is full of pubs and so is ideal for a further pub crawl; albeit this time on land! In the middle of it you’ll find King Street Brewpub, which brews beer on-site so you can really get stuck in to sampling something local.

The Waterfront

waterfront bristol boat trip

After having visited so many pubs, you’ll be needing to re-line your stomach, and the Waterfront area of the city has lots of food options; from takeaways to sit-down meals and pub grub along the way. You’ll also find several nightclubs in the Waterfront district so once your evening meal has been polished off, you can end the night in style by dancing the night away!

bristol boat party
Sail Into the Sunset

Whatever you choose to do for your Bristol boat trip, there’s no doubt you’ll have a fantastic time. We recommend planning your trip in advance and drafting up a rough itinerary; if you don’t quite stick to schedule, so be it, but it’s always good to have an idea of favoured venues so that you know you’re not wasting your precious time away anywhere sub-par, and keep your Bristol trip memorable for all the right reasons!

Best Man speech guide, tips & ideas – How to write a Best Man’s speech

best man speech hero

Best Man Speech

Being given the job as best man is one of the highest honours you would likely to achieve in your life time! Your friend fully trusts you to be there on the day with the ring and the best man speech of the century... not to mention organising the best stag do ever!

Here is our guide to writing the best speech possible with a little help from our freinds at Speechy...

What is West Country Games?

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West Country Games embraces all the stereotypes of the West Country in one great day out, comprising of 9 totally hilarious games suitable for all sorts of groups.

If you have an upcoming, Stag do, Hen Weekend, Birthday Party or Team Building Day, then why not give us a try?

Best Man Speech Guide

Create That Perfect Best Man's Speech

You sit down at your computer, with a blank piece of paper by your side, and you do the common mistake most men commit by searching “best jokes for a best man speech”. Chances are, even if you go to the depths of your Google search, the ‘jokes’ will illicit groans rather than genuine laughter.

The truth is, you’re not alone as most best man speeches have become a clichéd mess, often leaving the best man feeling embarrassed (rather than the groom!).

In order to achieve a speech that is both witty and heart-felt, the writing experts at Speechy have told us their tips for writing a best man speech.

Avoid 'Wedding Jokes'

Nobody wants to hear overused jokes about how the newlywed couple are off to Bangor, or how the wedding cake is already in tiers from your speech. Ditch those sort of jokes immediately.

Instead, focus on the groom. What is it about him that makes him unusual? His out of proportion Tex-Rex arms, his obsession with avocadoes or his reluctance to give up his Adidas Tree Stripes? Spot the quirks that are truly ‘him’ and you’re onto a winner.

Wedding Speeches

Get The Evidence

Instead of wasting your time on PowerPoint creating a collage of all of his worst haircuts, spend your time researching everything you can about the groom. This isn’t to say you don’t know him, but make sure you’re taping into every resource available.

Get his other mates involved and utilize his folks – they’ll definitely be able to tell some tales.

If the bride isn’t giving a speech, she might also like to supply some damning evidence of his poor hygiene habits or questionable quirks.

Less Is More

The rule of thumb is to aim for around 8 to 10 minutes – hopefully with a bit of added time for laughter and ad-libs. Nobody ever said they ‘wished it were longer’ – at least, not when referring to a best man speech.

Be strict with yourself and make sure your material is punchy and snappy. You can mention certain memories, but TMI is never good. For example: you can mention the stag do, but it might be best to leave the trip to the strip club and his private lap dance out. We don’t want to give Granny any ailments.

Best Man Speech Jokes

Make It A Proper Tribute

Above all else, the speech is a heartfelt tribute to a true friend. Don’t resort to clichés about him being a ‘world-class mate’ without providing the evidence to back it up.

What’s with his fascination with Sex and The City? How did it take him 9 times to pass his driving test? How is he the only one of your mates to know what’s going on with Brexit? You get the gist, just remember to keep it NUT – Nice, Unique, and True(ish)

Don't Forget The Bride

You have to remember that two people have gotten married, so make sure you spend a minute or two focused on the bride, maybe mention some antics on the hen weekend and how they complement each other’s personalities perfectly.

Definately don’t do the clichéd line saying the groom promised to let you be best man at his next wedding if you did well this time round.

If you don’t know the bride well, do some research so you can say more than the typical platitudes. How has she turned the groom into a better person? Has she converted him to a chai latte fan?

Best Man Speech Ideas

Confidence Is Key

Believe it or not, most best men get nervous prior to addressing the guests. Nobody wants to be remembered as the boring one when it comes the speeches, but try to relax. A lot of confidence comes from simply faking it, so fake it!

Body language has a lot to do with how others perceive confidence so don’t look down and try to keep the shaking to a minimum. Make eye contact and remember to smile. It’s scientifically proven to be infectious, and those scientists seem to know stuff. So much of the humour for a speech relies on the delivery so make sure you talk slower than feels natural and pause where you expect laughter. It will come!

Enjoy It!

Overall, it’s important to have fun and remember that you’ve been chosen to give this speech because of how much you mean to the groom.

Avoid alcohol prior to delivering the speech – disappointingly, Dutch courage is a myth.

Make sure your speech is something both you and the groom can look back on in your later years, and laugh at – rather than grimace!

Get More Advice

Check out more of Speechy’s Tips for Writing A Best Man Speech. They offer Best Man Speech Templates, a Speech Edit Service and their team of TV comedy speechwriters can even write the whole speech for you!


Where to watch rugby in Bristol

rugby in bristol hero

Where to watch rugby in Bristol

It’s that time of year when we can all tuck into another fantastic feast of rugby action, with each of the home nations in action.  Welcome to our up-to-date guide on where to watch rugby in Bristol.

What better time to get out of the house and join your mates to enjoy that big match atmosphere from the comfort of the pub.

We've hand picked  the finest places where to watch rugby in Bristol, our favourite pubs that will each be showing all of the games.

What is West Country Games?

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West Country Games embraces all the stereotypes of the West Country in one great day out, comprising of 9 totally hilarious games suitable for all sorts of groups.

If you have an upcoming, Stag do, Hen Weekend, Birthday Party or Team Building Day, then why not give us a try?

8 great venues to watch rugby in Bristol

watch rugby in bristol

Racks, St Paul's Road

Ideally situated in lively North Bristol, Racks is the obvious choice for larger groups looking for some where to watch rugby in Bristol.  With 12 different screens and a range of tasty beers on tap (and served by the bottle), you’re bound to beat those winter blues as your team takes to the pitch.

And if you buy a ticket for only a tenner, they’ll guarantee a great view of the game, a steak sandwich with chips and – most essentially – a bottle of beer.  Just make sure you tip up an hour before kick off. (They also offer free venue hire, making it a must for anyone planning a Bristol stag weekend).

Alter Ego, Whiteladies Road

Cocktails and sport aren’t a combination you find in just any bar, and may not be first choice where to watch rugby in Bristol, but fear not; Alter Ego is ready and waiting to sate the tastes of any spirit-loving sport enthusiast.  Split over three levels, Alter Ego is located at the heart of the bustling, cosmopolitan area of Whiteladies Road.

The venue offers a huge selection of cocktails (and even master class lessons, for those looking to perfect their sprit mixing skills), with over 15 ultra HD screens to enjoy the match with your mates.

watch rugby in bristol

Jersey Lilly, Whiteladies Road

Known for its fantastic selection of fine ales and scrumptious ciders, The Jersey Lilly has a lovable pub atmosphere, with a modern twist.  With fresh pub grub served daily, it’s a sophisticated yet relaxed place to watch rugby in Bristol – or indeed, any day!

So named after Lily Langtry, a Victorian actress and racehorse breeder, the venue’s history is prevalent throughout the tastefully decorated interior, with black and white pictures of the lady herself.  If beer or cider isn’t your rugby-fuelled tipple, don’t worry; their ever-evolving selection of gins or indulgent cocktails will certainly wet the whistle of even the most particular drinkers.

Cider Press, Gloucester Road

Obviously named after its vast array of apple-based beverages, Cider Press will sate the appetite of any cider lover!  The drinks menu includes 32 of the finest ciders on offer, from traditional scrumpy to fruitier blends – some more lethal than others, but all devilishly delicious.

If you’re not a cider lover, don’t let the name put you off; there’s a huge choice of cocktails and gins on offer. And of course, no match day merriment is complete without a sobering snack on the side.  Their tasty selection of tapas, pizzas, burgers and quality pub classics, as well as a lively ambiance makes it a prime location to watch rugby in Bristol – on your own, or with a crowd.

watch rugby in bristol

White Lion at The Avon Gorge Hotel

Rugby with a view you say?  That and more is covered at The White Lion, the pub attached to the iconic Avon Gorge Hotel. Fully refurbished in 2017, this is a great venue to watch big screen rugby on their long tables, which are perfect for groups of all sizes.

The pub also has one of the largest outdoor terraces in the South West, with unrivalled views of the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

There is a good selection of beers and ciders on tap, as well as pizzas and “Big Plates” featuring on their bar menu.


In incredible array of award-winning ales and European largers await those who choose to here to watch rugby in Bristol,  in this friendly, contemporary pub. Horts on Broad Street is a fantastic option for larger groups, with lots of space and comfy seating.

Huge projector screens bring the game to life – even more so with the lively match day atmosphere.  And with a delicious selection of pub grub at great prices, Horts is an obvious choice for an exciting afternoon out.

watch rugby in bristol


This well-loved Aussie sports bar which doubles up as a nightclub is a popular choice for younger, passionate crowds.  Walkabout on Corn street is centrally located and boasts two cinema-sized screens, so you’re guaranteed to catch every pass and punch.

And once the match is over, the party continues well into the night with lively music, dancing and good-old fashioned debauchery from down under!

Clifton Wine Bar

Tucked away in the heart of Clifton village, this hidden gem is an intimate and stylish venue in which to enjoy the rugby.  With seven screens, an impressive selection of draft ales and beers, this is one for the fancier rugby fanatic.

The smaller lounging areas are adorned with comfy sofas and screens, so you can grab and corner and enjoy the game with friends and family.  Their food menu is equally as comforting, with a mouthwatering selection of pies on offer – the perfect accompaniment to a pint…or two.

Things To Do in Bath: Our Top 10 Things To Do in Bath

things to do in bath

Things to do in Bath – Our Top 10 Things to do in Bath

Bath is the largest city in Somerset, and perhaps unsurprisingly with its name, is best known for… it’s Roman baths! Probably Britain’s best-known spa town, Bath is a popular tourist destination for those within the UK and those further afield.

If you’re planning a trip to the city and are looking for things to do in Bath to keep you and/or your group occupied, then you’ve come to the right place – because we love Bath and can fill you in on all the must-dos while you’re there!

Please note that dependent on the time of year of your trip, you may find some of our suggested things to do in Bath are open for limited hours or different days of the week. We can give you all of our hints and tips but be sure to check online before you travel to avoid any disappointment. After all, you want your Bath trip to be memorable for all the right reasons.

Bath was the centre of fashionable life back in the 18th century and it continues to offer lots today too. While you’re there, be sure to try Bath Olivers and Bath Buns… we promise you won’t be disappointed in the beauty of the town and its brilliant local sweet cuisine!

What is West Country Games?

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West Country Games embraces all the stereotypes of the West Country in one great day out, comprising of 9 totally hilarious games suitable for all sorts of groups.

If you have an upcoming, Stag do, Hen Weekend, Birthday Party or Team Building Day, then why not give us a try?

Our Top 10 Picks of Fun Things to do in Bath

Bath is brimming with things to do, from the historical to the active and everything in between. The choice can be overwhelming so we've put together our top ten picks of fun things to do when you're visiting the city.

1. Get involved at the West Country Games

west country games bath

The West Country Games are Bath’s answer to the Olympics… only a little less athletic and a lot more fun; with no training required! A favoured activity amongst stag, hen, birthday and corporate parties, the West Country Games best suit groups and can be adapted to fit all abilities, ages and appetites.

All games are countryside themed and are more novelty than they are sporty. It takes up at least an afternoon, if not a whole day, and transfers to the countryside site for the Games can be arranged!

2. Pamper yourself at the Roman Baths and Spa

thermae bath spa

As much a history lesson as a pamper session (honest!), Bath’s Roman Baths offer a variety of spa packages. One of the most popular things to do in Bath for tourists, it’s definitely worth packing your cozzie for a dip and if you have time, enjoying afternoon tea and some extra treatments while you’re there!

The Roman Baths are the ideal venue for relaxing after more active trips and activities… and they may even cure your hangover… but we can’t guarantee anything!

3. Test gins at the Canary Bar

gin tasting bath

Gin is the new black, and you can truly experience local at the Canary Bar. Run by the local Bath Distillery, this quirky little bar is a favourite amongst gin lovers and is the home of the ‘Gin Austen’ cocktail; infamous in the town!

Challenge the mixologists behind the bar to create something bespoke for you and enjoy gin cocktails straight from a teapot. The Canary Bar is very popular on the lists of things to do in Bath at night, so book a table in advance to ensure you all fit in.

4. Shop Local at the Bath Christmas Market

bath christmas market compressor

Obviously only around for November and December, the Bath Christmas Market is top of our list of things to do in Bath for free!

Over 150 chalets of festive shops (mostly European themed, but lots of local retailers and brands are present too) line Bath’s beautiful Georgian streets and make for a really picturesque Christmas scene. Get snap happy for Instagram and make a start on your Christmas list… win win!

5. Set Sail on the Avon with a River Cruise

boat trips bath hen day trip

Take a different view on the spa town of Bath by admiring it from the river and cruising up and down the River Avon.

Bath isn’t as busy as its neighbour Bristol when it comes to river trips, but you’ll still find some choice of firms, so have a check online to find the trip that works best for you in length and in route. Consider adding this to your itinerary of things to do in Bath at night too; it’ll give you a unique look at the town and is a nice chilled way to spend an evening.

bristol things to do

6. Lunch on the Lawn at the Royal Crescent

royal crescent picnic things to do bath

One of Bath’s most impressive landmarks, the stunning Royal Crescent looks over the beautifully kept Royal Victoria Park. Now a five-star hotel and spa with a museum of Georgian life in the town, the park is the ideal place to picnic.

You can either pack your own or have the hotel’s restaurant put something more luxurious together for you, so there’s options for all budgets. If you’re not looking to spend much, nip to the supermarket and eat what you fancy on the lawn – it’s one of the most popular things to do in Bath for free and can be enjoyed year-round (although you may need to pack blankets!).

7. Catch the Rugby at Bath Stadium

bath rugby

Bath Rugby Union Club is one of the most popular clubs in the country and they play at The Recreation Ground Stadium (affectionately known as ‘The Rec’), right on the River Avon.

During Rugby season, the Club have exclusive use of the stadium and through the summer, its used for cricket matches. You can book tickets in advance fairly cheaply and packages are available to include meals and drinks.

8. Go Beer Tasting at the Electric Bear Brewing Co

beer tasting bath

Not far from Bath town centre you’ll find local brewers Electric Bear Brewing Co. The taproom on their Bath brewery is a favourite amongst beer fans and those who don’t like hops as much as fruit and it’s the only place you can try Electric Bear’s full range of brews!

From IPAs to stouts, there’s something for everyone and the expert staff at the taproom can advise you on different types of beers and brews in a way you won’t ever find in a usual high street bar.

9. Take Afternoon Tea at the Pump Rooms

afternoon tea bath to do

Built in the 1790s, the Bath Pump Rooms are one of the town’s oldest attractions. Adjacent to the Roman Baths, it serves a variety of food and drinks – including water directly from Bath’s springs!

It’s a Bath institution and the afternoon tea served at the Pump Rooms is considered the best in the west country! Dietary requirements can be catered for if advised ahead of time, and tables for groups will need to be booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

The Pump Rooms is busiest around Mother’s Day and throughout December, so phone ahead.

10. Walk off your hangover in Prior Park

prior park bath

OK, so it’s been a few days of intense activities during your trip to the spa town, and now you need something relaxing and easy to do to rejuvenate yourself again!

One of the easiest and most accessible things to do in Bath for free is to walk around Prior Park and blow out the cobwebs. A full park as well as landscaped gardens and a house, part of the Park is owned by the National Trust, so you have the option to pay and explore the whole property if you’d like to.

Booking up your Bath Itinerary

Bath isn’t the country’s busiest tourist destination, but it’s growing in popularity and is particularly popular amongst hen, stag, birthday and occasion groups.

A quick google will bring up lots of lists of suggested things to do in Bath at night, for big parties, on a shoestring and for overseas guests… there’s no shortage of hints and tips out there, so it won’t surprise you to hear that you may find attractions and sights busy when you visit.

In order to best enjoy your trip to Bath, we recommend that you put together an itinerary of activities day by day and allow your group’s guests to pick and choose what they’d like to and what they’re able to attend. Bath is particularly busy in November and December, for Christmas shoppers, as well as between April-June before wedding season as hen parties descend upon the town.

Regardless of what time of the year you’re visiting, it’s always recommended to book ahead on activities and to make requests in advance for dietary, access or special requirements. Working under the UK discrimination legislation, Bath’s businesses will make all reasonable adjustments that they can to accommodate whoever for whatever, and most will have lots of experience in doing exactly that.

Never fear asking – go ahead, be bold and get what works best for you and your group!

bristol things
Why Visit Bath?

One thing’s for sure with your trip to Bath – we just know you’re going to love the town. A picturesque Georgian street sits around every corner and with the fantastic hospitality on offer from Bath’s many businesses and locals, it will make the perfect destination for a memorable and enjoyable trip away.