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Organising a Hen Weekend?

Blessed with the task of arranging a hen do it can appear to be a daunting challenge. So here’s a quick and easy guide to help you along with the minimum of fuss:

organising a hen do
organising a hen do

• It’s the bride’s event so ask her who she wants to have along. There’s nothing worse than having to share your special weekend with people you don’t actually like! As a general rule if the person will add to the occasion in a positive way then they should be fine.

• Deciding what to do means asking friends what the hen really likes and being quite thoughtful about what would work. A hen who likes walks in the country and spa days may not want a hedonistic weekend of clubbing and male strippers!

• Many hens arrive having no idea what is in store for them or sometimes even where they are having worn a blindfold for the journey! So, make sure the surprise will make them laugh not cry.

• Organising the event means the other girls need plenty of notice. Not only is there work to consider but also in many cases children to be looked after. Once you have the outline numbers you can book the event and hopefully accommodation. Events can book up very quickly so it’s not a bad idea to have it planned at least six months ahead.

• Choose carefully with the event as just a couple of girls in a large field playing games can feel as lonely as a pamper session with forty feels utterly cramped! Girls’ weekends in rented cottages are proving more popular these days and there are plenty to choose from to suit groups of four to twenty plus.

organising a hen weekend
organising a hen weekend

• Be aware that girls have a habit of falling pregnant between the event booking and the weekend itself. Physical activities will mean pregnant ladies cannot join in but may be able to watch and join the banter, so do check with the venue. You need to be aware of the refund and cancellation policies too.

• A major feature is of course getting everyone to pay up. Most events and accommodation will want a deposit with the balance paid a month prior to turning up. Be firm and fair otherwise you will end up out of pocket. Be mindful of differing financial situations when choosing the events too.

• This may sound obvious but timing is important. Never hold the hen event the day before the wedding! A few weekends before the big day is ideal for the effects to wear off but the fun feeling to remain.

Hopefully these basic hints will prove useful to you. There’s a big wide world of hen dos to research so take your time and have fun with it.