Bristol Stag Weekend

Bristol Stag Weekend - Planning your Bristol stag do

Bristol is England’s sixth largest city and a manly one most worthy of your Bristol stag weekend partying.  With so much to see and do, it is worth spreading a Bristol stag do over Friday to Sunday to get the most in, if not you may miss out on what the jewel of the West Country has to offer!

Bristol Stag Weekend Ideas and Bristol stag do activities

For a start 17th Century Bristol was home to the pirating legend Edward Teach, Blackbeard! We would advise against sending the stag out pirating and perhaps settle instead for a Bristol Packet boat tour of the many bars and pubs around the waterfront and docks.

Bristol is testament to the engineering excellence of the cigar puffing, stove pipe hat fan himself, Brunel. Arrive for your Bristol stag weekend at his magnificent Temple Meads Railway Station (there’s a night club in the railway arches alongside), see the glorious Clifton Suspension Bridge which you can view from a pub terrace and board his world famous ship the S.S. Great Britain.

Planning Your Bristol Stag Do Weekend

Of course the birth place of Concorde is Bristol too. We know the French did a bit one weekend but we’re ferociously proud. Furthermore the chaps here created one of the greatest gifts to mankind, Bristols. No, not those, we mean the cars! The transport of the true gentleman stag and hand built by dedicated local craftsmen…

If you want sports on your Bristol stag weekend we’re not too shabby with both Bristol City and Bristol Rovers (Ian Holloway was one of them you know) providing football fans with plenty to shout about, or at. Our local rugby boys, creatively named Bristol Rugby Club, have battled out premiership titles and continue to fill the local stadium with hardy types crashing into each other like rutting stags.

There’s cricket too at The County Ground with club and international matches played. A relaxing way to recover on a Sunday after a heavy Bristol stag party!

Bristol Stag Do

Why choose Bristol for a stag party weekend?

Bristol has presented the universe with the ultimate baddie in the form of former Bristol Grammar School pupil Dave Prowse, aka Darth Vader. Sadly his fabulous west country accent was replaced for the film. We struggle with that decision although maybe “Luke, oim yer faather…” might not have sounded quite right!

The first white Stig, Ben Collins, is also a local chap and furthermore, fellow Top Gearist James May (who has a Man Lab!) was born in Bristol.

Being home to two universities means Bristol has a large student population. Students mean nightlife, massive party time at weekends and plenty to choose from for a great Bristol stag do.

From a staggering pub crawl round the fine pubs of upmarket Clifton to clubbing your way around the centre and up Park Street, every stag is guaranteed a great night out in Bristol. There are also casinos, karaoke bars and something called lap dancing clubs (more Bristols!), but we don’t know anything about that of course! What happens on a Bristol stag weekend stays on a stag weekend…

Bristol Stag Weekend Guide

If you’ve earmarked Bristol as the destination of choice for your stag do then its time to get organising the festivities, but with so many options for accommodation, Bristol stag do activities and nightlife, it can be daunting knowing where to start. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our Bristol stag weekend guide to give you a few pointers in the right direction.

How to start planning your Bristol stag weekend

It’s time to light the touch paper for the Bristol stag do to end all stag dos and its your responsibility to make it happen, so it’s a good idea to get everything organised well in advance. Give yourself around three months or so to pull it all together and try to get as much of the detail confirmed as early as you can.

Having a group chat on WhatsApp or Facebook will help you to keep everyone informed, but you might need a few emails too to make sure you cover all of the potential guests. Starting out with an initial communication on the date and location works well as an introduction to get the group numbers confirmed.

Once you’ve got that ticked off the list, you can start to organise the accommodation in Bristol before getting the activities, stag grub and party venues sorted. We’ve included sections on each of these below to start you off, along with a few additional local tips for good measure.

Bristol Stag Party
Where to stay – Bristol Accommodation

You may not see all that much of it, with all of the partying and activities, but getting decent accommodation for your Bristol stag do is a big part of an epic weekend. Here are a few options to consider for your stag weekend accommodation in Bristol:

Mercure Bristol Holland House Hotel and Spa

Starting out with a little style, there’s the Mercure Bristol Holland House Hotel and Spa, which is conveniently located between the centre of town and Bristol Templemeads train station. It’s got a large heated indoor pool to clear away the cobwebs after a huge night out and its relatively affordable as 4-star hotels go, you could event treat the Stag to a spa facial on this Bristol stag do!

Bristol YHA

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re looking to save the majority of your fivers for drink and g-strings, you can opt for the simplicity of Bristol YHA. It’s as cheap as you’ll find in the city, and has a large number of dorm rooms and bunk beds to keep everyone in the same place for Bristol the weekend.

Holiday Inn Bristol City Centre

Another central Bristol stag accommodation option is the Holiday Inn Bristol City Centre, which you can find near Cabot Circus. It’s got modern rooms and on-site parking, which is always useful when bringing a large group of friends together in one place.

Ibis Hotel

 If you’re looking for simple digs in the city with little fuss, there’s always the Ibis, which is located right in the centre of town, just south of the cathedral. Room prices are pretty cheap and it does a mean breakfast if you want to add in the extras.

Brandon Hill House

Finally, there’s the lads pad that is The Brandon Hill House, which boasts 14 single beds throughout five bedrooms, along with a private garden, plenty of communal space and a large kitchen. It’s a short walk to town too, making it a great option for a Bristol stag weekend if you’ve got a group size to fill it.

Stag Do Bristol
What to do – Bristol Activities

Bristol’s many diverse weekend events include the harbour festival, balloon fiesta, Simple Things Festival, umpteen beer and cider festivals, the ever colourful St Pauls Carnival and many other sights and sounds to make it a Bristol stag weekend to remember.

If you’re looking for some good ideas for activities to do on your Bristol stag do, the good news is that there are a lot of options to go for. We’ve added in a few of the unique experiences you can opt for to make the weekend as memorable as possible.

West Country Games

Our favourite Bristol stag do activity; get into the spirit of sheer, unrelenting fun with a day at West Country Games. With nine West Country-themed games to enjoy, ranging from the infamous Cider Run to the ridiculously hilarious West Country Wipeout, it’s as madcap as it gets. It’s located just five miles outside Bristol and all of the activities take place in the fresh air of an open field, so if you want to be at one with nature while you get one of the most unique stag do experiences of your life then this is for you!

Take a riverboat ride

Bristol is renowned for its maritime history, and there are plenty of ways to get out onto the waterways of the city. The easiest is to incorporate the Bristol Ferry Boats in your pub golf route, but you can also book a party boat for the evening with Bristol Packet Boat Trips. They also do a tour of dockside pubs that you can charter either during the day or in the evening.

Ride along the Bristol to Bath Railway Path

If the groom likes his cycling, or the group is looking for a challenge then you can ride along the Bristol to Bath Railway Path as part of your Bristol stag do activities. It follows along the old train line through some stunning countryside, and then you can grab a beer or two in Bath and catch the train back for a big night out in Bristol. Alternatively, you can all hire tandems from Bristol Tandem Hire and see how far you can get with the power of two.

Graffiti hunting

Not an obvious one to do on a Bristol stag weekend, but with the rise of Banksy to graffiti legend status, Bristol has become synonymous with street art. Its got a lot of great examples to visit and you can add in a bit more fun by making it a part of your “Banksy and a Beer” pub crawl plans.

When to go – When is to best visit Bristol

Bristol may not have all that much in the way of big sporting events that pack out the city, but it does have a few big events that you might want to avoid. One of the biggest is the Bristol Balloon fiesta, which takes place in August every year. The 2018 dates are the 9th-12th August, so you might want to give that a miss. The other big event that dominates the city transport and accommodation is the Harbourside Festival, which takes place in July.

While the city gets its best weather during the height of the summer months, it’s also worth looking at spring and early summer as a good time to have your stag. Out of peak tourism season means that you’ll get better rates on your accommodation and the weather should be on your side too.

Places to eat – Group dining in Bristol

With a city as lively and bustling as Bristol, there are plenty of places to catch a bite to eat in-between all of the crazy Bristol stag do activities and propping up the bar. Here are five great options for groups, giving you incredible pizzas, mind blowing curries and a couple of the more unique dining options.

Racks Bar and Kitchen

This large venue dubs itself as Bristol’s best party venue, so it’s pretty well set up for stag weekenders looking for a hearty meal. It’s also known for the quality of its burgers, so you might want to add that to your order, but it also does a killer Sunday Roast if you’re looking to round off the weekend with a big feed.

Caribbean Croft

Get some sun-loving vibes on your Bristol stag weekend with the incredibly tasty Caribbean fair on the menu at Caribbean Croft in the exciting Stokes Croft area of the city. In addition to favourites like the Jerk Chicken and Curried Goat, you can also sample a wide selection of rums straight from the heart of the Caribbean.

Mezze Palace Lebanese Restaurant

Lebanese food comes packed with a lot of lift with its combination of spices, flatbreads and pepper punches, and Mezze Palace swirls it all together with great spirit under its arched ceiling. It serves up some unique dishes, which includes spiced lamb shank, grilled whole chicken marinated with Mezze Palace’s special sauce and the spiciest mixed grill this side of the Middle East.


No Bristol stag do would be complete without at least one trip to a curry house and Raj is as good as it gets in Bristol for groups. It’s a traditional style curry house with a dedication to authentic Indian cuisine, so you should expect to very well fed.

The White Rabbit

If your rabble is looking for the best pizzas in Bristol then you can’t go wrong with the vast array of choice at The White Rabbit in Clifton. It’s got 24 different pizzas to choose from, starting with its simple garlic pizza and building up to the meaty Mad Hatter Calzone and the spicy heat of the Calibrese.

Places to kick things off - Bristol’s best Bars and Pubs

Not all bars are created equal, so we’ve picked out some of the most interesting in the city to add to your boozy trek around Bristol.

The Beer Emporium

This is the holy grail of beer bars in Bristol with hundreds of beers to choose from, but from the look of the main shop floor you might be fooled into thinking that it’s too small for your Bristol stag weekend group. However, it’s got three vaulted cellars below decks and plenty of tables outside, so you should all be able to find somewhere to feast your eyes and taste buds on the first wonder of the hops world.

Coronation Tap

This is a very small cider house, so you might imagine it being a strange addition to a list of places for a Bristol stag weekend, but it has one very big reason for its inclusion: the leg swaying might of its Exhibition cider. It’s a challenge in itself, clocking in at 8.4% ABV, and this slightly sparkling cider can’t be brought anywhere else but at the Coronation Tap.

Illusions Magic Bar

Get some live magic with your drinks at illusions Magic Bar, where you can also take part in a magical master class of your own. Free close-up magicians roam the confines of the bar to trick you with their illusions, so you might want to watch what they do with your watch or wallet.

King Street Brew House

Add some real ale into the itinerary at King Street Brew House where urban drinking meets the delights of microbrewery heaven. In addition to its own brews, it also throws in an ever-changing compliment of guest craft beers into the mix, so there will be plenty to sample.


A great selection of lagers, beers and spirits gets a shot of fun at Kongs with the addition of classic arcade games and ping-pong tables to play. If that isn’t enough to get it onto your Bristol stag do plans then you can also factor in the foosball tables, which should just about tip it over the line.

Places to party – Bristol’s Best Clubs


This is easily the biggest nightclub you’ll find in Bristol with seven themed rooms to keep you entertained throughout the night. In addition to all that space, it also has a lot of bars to try, which helps to keep the queues down.


This 80s themed nightclub is all about delivering the perfect party venue, so it’s big on fun and low on pretentions. You can even book a table for your Bristol stag party to have as its base, giving the boozier members of the band of brothers an easy route back to mission command.

Lola Lo

Everyone knows that nothing says Bristol stag do like a Polynesian nightclub. Okay, so maybe that’s not a thing, but Lola Lo is here to prove otherwise with its Tiki bar style and monkey nuts bar. It serves up some exotic drinks and has plenty of tables and booths to base your tribe before heading to the jumping dance floor later in the night.

La Rocca

Another great party venue to consider is La Rocca on Triangle South. It’s a 3-room nightclub with classic tracks and chart hits playing throughout the night. It’s also got a checkerboard dance floor, so your moves should look even more impressive than ever before.

Local tips

While the bigger festival timelines are best avoided, there are a couple that might be worth throwing into the mix.  Love Saves The Day takes place in May and features live music and entertainment at Eastville Park to the North East of the city. There’s also the Simple Things Festival in October if you’re looking at a stag weekend in late autumn. It’s another great music festival, and takes place at various venues across the city.

Other local gems to consider are the caves beneath Redwood, which play host to horror film screenings and ghost tours, a ride down the natural rock slide up at Clifton Down, or you can try staying in Brooks Guesthouse’s Retro Rocker rooftop caravans if your party is small enough.

So there we are gents, Bristol is a manly place fit for stags to have a grand day out, oh yes, Wallace and Gromit were born here. Is this getting a bit tenuous for famous links, now?

In that case we’ll draw to a close, oh there’s another, Banksy, possibly Bristol’s most notorious worldwide scribbler. You can see various pieces of his work around town.

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