9 completely crazy West Country themed games

cider run - west country games

Pilfer that cheeky pint an’ leg it as far as you can before you gets twanged by the bungee!

drunk pub skittles - west country games

This is real West Country skittles, with a twist! It ain’t that easy tho’ as you spin round the pole first. Bowl ‘em dizzy my babber!

mangold dangling - west country games

You thought the last game was daft? You ain’t seen nothin’... Bar skittles with humans on cider kegs? Yer ‘avin’ a laaf!

welly wanging - west country games

Taking it in turns to lob a welly boot into a series of targets. We’ll make sure they’s bin washed after muckin’ out the pigs.

pitchfork duel - west country games

A traditional way to sort out disputes! Get ready for some podium perched inflatable pitchfork proddin’.

vicky pollard handbags - west country games

Pollard suits an’ big burberry ‘andbags to batter the life out of each other. It’s all about the best impersonation in this game!

west country wipeout - west country games

Jump on the pedal powered sweeper arm and knock ‘em down! Total Wipeout, West Country style!

wurzel knockout - west country games

The Wurzels ‘av had it comin’ for years! Armed to the teeth with cider apples you’ll be firin’ them at the band!

farmers shower - west country games

Like Mastermind but the stag or hen will be sat on a chair below a gert bucket of Somerset slurry! Can they ‘andle the pressure…?