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Activities In Bristol

Welcome to the vibrant city of Bristol, where the adventures never cease and the fun is as contagious as a case of the giggles at a ventriloquist convention. Whether you're a culture-seeking enthusiast, a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie, or simply a fun-loving soul in search of your next great escapade, Bristol is your oyster!

Prepare to immerse yourself in a treasure trove of activities that will have you swinging from the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge of excitement. Let's embark on a journey to discover the top Bristol activities and fun-filled Bristol adventures that await!


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Uncover the Best Bristol Activities

Are you ready to dive into Bristol's vibrant tapestry of fun things to do? Whether you're keen on high-energy Bristol activities or prefer the serene beauty of the country, home is where the heart is, and Bristol's heart is buzzing with options.

Bring the family to a Bristol activity centre and share laughs over games, or explore the iconic harbour where waterside merriment awaits. For culture vultures, Bristol's street art is a visual feast just begging to be discovered.

Meanwhile, adventurers young and old can enjoy a day out at the city's entertainment centres, where thrills and spills are the order of the day.

And with activities for kids that span from creative workshops to outdoor escapades, Bristol ensures that families have a treasure trove of memories waiting to be made!

Hen Activities Bristol

Group Fun: Discover Bristol Activity Options for maximum fun

Gather your squad and dive into a world of group fun at the Bristol Activity Centre! With an array of fun things to do, this hub of entertainment centres around making sure families, friends, and all sorts of teams have a blast.

At competitive prices, you can embark on epic events, challenging games, and lively activities that'll make you feel right at home. The friendly atmosphere is perfect for creating unforgettable memories as you bond over shared thrills.

Whether it's a birthday bash or just a Saturday adventure, this activity centre goes above and beyond to deliver maximum fun. So round up your favourite people and make your way to the Bristol Activity hub for a day filled with joy, laughter, and good old-fashioned fun that's tailor-made for groups big and small!

West Country Games Bristol Hen Activities

Hilarious West Country Games

Ever fancied yourself as a bit of an athlete? No, us neither really, but perhaps in a gameshow type sense.

The highest rated of Bristol activities for Stag, Hen & Birthday parties in the city is the West Country Games, a themed fun day out of activities and games that are just a few miles from the city centre.

The games are for all ages (18+) and abilities. There’s one thing guaranteed – even if you’re not the day’s winner, you’ll definitely be full of laughs!

Puzzle solve at the Escape Rooms

Escape rooms seem to be prevalent on every high street, and Bristol too has plenty to choose from. There is all kinds of themes available and lots of challenge-levels about.

Bigger groups can even compete in tandem whilst in different rooms to see who’s able to escape first.

Most escape room challenges last 60 mins and if you don’t get out of the room within the hour, you’ve failed: so this isn’t just a case of who can get out… it’s who first, too!

Escape Room Activity
Life Drawing Bristol

Giggle at Life Drawing

Taking a life drawing class is a brilliant balance between art and fun… allowing some giggles amongst a more serious activity, so appealing to a variety of groups.

You don’t need any drawing skills or artistic ability as a teacher will be present, and in some instances, you can request a certain model – so why not spice things up and pick a groom look-a-like for your lucky bride-to-be?

Life drawing classes are always hosted in private areas or venues and the models are very experienced; so don’t feel bad if you get the giggles!

Strut Your Stuff at a Dance Class

How many years has it been since you choreographed a dance routine to a pop song with your mates?

Probably quite a few, but as you’ll likely be hitting a dancefloor at some point during your upcoming weekend, why not get to it again?

Dance classes spanning all genres are available for groups in Bristol, both private and public. They’re a great laugh with no experience or ability required.

Try twerking in a street dance class, get romantic with salsa, shake your booty with belly dancing or give pole dancing a go for a real work-out!

Dance Class Bristol Hen Activities
Axe Throwing Bristol Activities

Take on Axe Throwing 

What could be more masculine than throwing around big axes?

Challenge your friends to taste the wild west and chuck axes around instead of arrows.

You won’t be required to just stay in one place either; there’s plenty of themed axe-throwing games to give a go to try something different!

Light up at The Glow Games

Get some serious 80s neon vibes at the Glow Games. Classic disco meets sports and fitness in this Bristol activity that always delivers an unforgettable experience.

Bespoke sports challenges can be built up into an afternoon or evening programme of competitive activities.

Pack your glow sticks, neon tutus and awful 80s fancy dress… this is your time to SHINE!

Glow Games Hen Activities Bristol
Old School Sports Day Hen Do Activity

Turn back time - Old School Sports Day

Go retro and book a school sports day for your group – Britney Spears-style school uniform desirable, but not required!

Bounce around on space hoppers, balance an egg on a spoon, hop into a sack and take part in the classic tug-o-war.

Venue and all equipment is provided; you just need to book in advance, pick from your favourite sports and turn up on the day.

Old school sports days are easily adaptable and can be chopped and changed as needed to fit your group’s requirements.

Bristol Activity

Searching for some Adrenaline?

Ready to crank up the excitement on your travel itinerary? Let's dive into Bristol's heart-thumping arena of adrenaline activities! Picture this: You're at the Bristol Activity Centre, pulse racing, as you embark on an outdoor adventure that's second to none.

Adults seeking a thrill can zip-line through treetops or tackle an obstacle course that would make a ninja sweat!

Those looking for a dynamic Bristol activity experience will find themselves spoilt for choice – from rock climbing excursions that challenge your vertical limits to white-water rafting that promises waves of fun.

It's all about seizing those great moments of high-octane fun in one of the most vibrant cities!

So, gather your squad, embrace the spirit of adventure, and add these electrifying Bristol experiences to the 'things to do' list for an unforgettable blast of excitement.

Activities Bristol Combat Archery

Shoot for the stars at Combat Archery

Combat Archery combines elements of dodgeball, paintball and (duh!) archery to create a high-tempo and rawkus activity for groups of all shapes, sizes and ages.

Enter the Combat Archery bunker and your group will split into teams. Inflatable bunkers and barricades give shelter, cover and a vantage point to take on other players.

The time will fly by and your mates will love it!

Kick about with Bubble Football

Strap yourself into a giant plastic bubble from the hips upward and make them run around; mainly into each other; to play football. What could go wrong?!

Bubble Football is one of the top Bristol activities available and always makes for a hilarious few hours. Book in advance to include transport options in your package (it’s based 3 miles from the city centre) and to avoid disappointment.

Bubble Football Bristol Activity
Activity Quad Biking Bristol

Feel the adrenaline and go Quad Biking

Experience the thrill of speed in the great outdoors by quad biking in Bristol out and about.

Specialist off-road tracks cater for quad bikers of all levels, and no experience is required.

You don’t need a driving licence and the teams organising such events are able to adapt their track routes to accommodate any special requests.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Try out Stand-up paddleboarding (or SUP) and experience Bristol's vibrant waterways from a different perspective.

SUP is one of our top choices out of all the Bristol group activities on offer as it is adventurous and outdoors but also right in the heart of the city.

This activity suits all skill levels, allowing groups to include everyone, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.

It's also a great way to view Bristol's beautiful harbour and paddle past some of the famous ships. Grab your boards and try hard not to be the first to fall in!

sup bristol
Go Karting Activities In Bristol

Speed up at Go-Karting

Everyone’s probably been go-karting before, but Bristol goes one step further and take on high-speed go-karts at expert level tracks.

You can pitch your go-karting however works best for your group: arrange a racing tournament, or just give it a go – the ideal laddy activity for petrolheads and speed demons!

Go off-road with Rebel Buggies

Go-karts and quad bikes not enough for you? Rebel Buggies are ultimate adrenaline rush: these are Mad Max style race carts with 600cc v-twin engines, so there’s some real power behind them!

Rebel Buggies operate in almost all weathers and make for a thrilling, albeit often messy experience. Shrinking violets – and slow drivers – need not apply.

Rage Buggies Bristol Stag Activity

Rather some more crafty activities in Bristol

If you're hankering after a bit of hands-on fun, Bristol’s crafty activities are a fab way to spend your day. Discover the joy of creating something unique in one of Bristol's independent workshops, where you can find your inner artist or just have a laugh while trying.

Experience the home-grown talent and watch as your own masterpieces come to life. Turn a day out into an opportunity to enjoy learning new crafts, all while taking in the vibrant street art that blankets the city walls of Bristol.

Whether it's pottery spinning or paint throwing, these activities offer a great alternative to the usual hustle and bustle, perfect for when you're scouting for fun things to do in Somerset's quirky cousin. So come on down, find a workshop, and enjoy the crafty side of Bristol!

flower crown making workshop bristol

For those of you who prefer a more creative pursuit, flower crown making is one of the more artistic activities in Bristol.

These workshops offer a slower-paced more relaxing type of pastime that is fun for all the group.

Get stuck into this hands-on activity that encourages artistic expression and individuality, as participants choose from a variety of flowers and foliage to create their unique headpieces.

The class fosters a relaxed, social atmosphere, perfect for bonding and gentle icebreaking.

Venues Cocktail Making Classes In Bristol

Some booze fuled actvities in bristol

Ready for a bit of adult fun in Bristol? Let's dive into the city’s boozy offerings where you can enjoy some of the finest bars that Bristol has at its heart. Gather your squad, because these activities are best when you share the fun.

Whether it's day-drinking in a sunny beer garden or exploring unique cocktail concoctions by night, Bristol's spirit scene is brimming with entertainment.

From quirky pub crawls to sophisticated wine tasting affairs, there’s a boozy adventure waiting. If you're making it a weekend escapade, you'll find hotels in Bristol offering packages that'll keep the party right on your doorstep.

And for those who fancy a more chilled vibe, Bristol's home scene also offers a plethora of delivery services for a snug night in. Get ready to be fueled by Bristol’s vibrant energy and create memories that are anything but flat!

Hen Cocktail Making Bristol

Enjoy a Cocktail Making Class

Are you partial to a mojito, a daiquiri or even a Sex On The Beach?

Taking a cocktail making class is one of the most popular Bristol activities and is a great way to bond your group while learning a new skill… although at the end of the experience you may not remember the process entirely!

Packages available include the tuition of an expert mixologist to craft your perfect drink, learn more on the history of cocktails and then enjoy your creations at the bar.

Take a Booze Cruise

Bristol sits on the River Avon, so it’s no surprise that some of the top Bristol boozy activities are based on the water.

Booze cruises can be taken from the city centre out on a loop route, or one-way out to the coast or back in.

Boats can be exclusively hired for groups or you can book tickets on a larger party boat to blend in and meet others.

Booze Cruise Bristol Hen Activity
cider tasting bristol activity

Drink up Ye Cider!

What could be more West Country than going Cider Tasting!? A cider masterclass is an absolute on any list of Bristol boozy activities, offering you an insight into the golden good stuff!

Delve into the history of the region's famed cider heritage, learn how it is made and, of course, sample your way through as many varieties as you can handle!

By the end of the workshop, you'll be able to tell your scrumpies from your sparklings!

Anyone for Afternoon Tea?

Afternoon tea has to be the most elegant choice out of all the Bristol group activities.

A fabulous excuse to dress up smart, eat cake and sup tea and champagne all in the name of entertaining the bride-to-be!

This quintessentially British experience allows groups to indulge themselves and have time to relax and chat about the upcoming wedding, night out and maybe even play some games.

afternoon tea activity

Embrace Adventure with Outdoor Bristol Activities

Ready to embrace the great outdoors and dive into some rip-roaring Bristol activities? The city's lush parks beckon with open arms, offering a green oasis for every type of adventure enthusiast.

So whether you're looking for a serene experience or adrenaline-pumped excitement, Bristol's activity centres serve up a slice of country charm right in the heart of travel tales.

Get your heart racing with some outdoor escapades that are sure to pique your thirst for adventure, all while basking in the beauty that Bristol has to offer.

From leisurely park strolls to scaling heights at an adventure park, there's no shortage of things to enjoy. It's time to grab your adventure gear and experience the joy of the great outdoors—Bristol-style.

With a never-ending list of Bristol activities, your smile will be just as broad as the expansive country skyline!

west country indoor games

Looking for Indoor Bristol Activities

Don't let a rainy day dampen your spirits! Bristol is bursting with indoor activities that are just perfect for those seeking fun without the sun.

From family friendly entertainment centres, bursting with games and laughter, to the thrilling escape of Bristol's escape rooms, you're sure to find something that'll delight everyone in your group.

The city is known for its lively events and great cultural experiences that make looking for things to do an absolute breeze. For the history buffs and art enthusiasts, Bristol's indoor events and museums can offer a quiet escape into the past and the imagination.

On the flip side, for those who prefer their leisure with a dash of excitement, the city's entertainment centres are a hub of energy. No matter what you're looking for, indoor Bristol activities promise a grand time for all.

Bristol wrapped up!

And there we have it, fellow adventure seekers and fun enthusiasts! Whether you're swinging through the trees at Ashton Court or contemplating art at the Arnolfini, Bristol is bursting with activities to tickle your fancy and whirl you into an escapade of laughter and memories.

Don't just take our word for it, slip on your explorer's hat and dive into the vibrant bustle of this spirited city. Embrace the Bristol beat – your next great story is just around the corner. See you out there, where the magic happens!


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