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A West Country themed team building fun day is a winning formula to bring your team closer together!  Let your team engage together in 9 totally unique Bristol team building activities suitable for all ages & abilities, and make it a day out to remember.

Bristol Team Building Activities

A West Country themed team building fun day is a winning formula to bring your team closer together!  Let your team engage together in 9 totally unique Bristol team building activities suitable for all ages & abilities, and make it a day out to remember.

There’s nothing better for your team than a fun day out, full of activities and wonder. Getting to know each other can be difficult when you’re stuck behind your desk in an office all day, and there are better times to get to know your colleagues than during a rushed coffee refresh in the breakroom. Our choices range from conventional to unconventional, unique to time-tested, and everything in between!

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Bristols's best team building activity!

Your team team day out would not be complete without a visit to West Country Games.

Bristol’s most popular group activity offers high octane competitive fun in the form of 9 hilariously themed games involving large inflatables, catapults, vicky pollard sumo suits and much more!

And what better way to round off a day out at the farm than a BBQ, picnic and a few glasses of proper West Country cider?

West Country Games Activitiy

Choosing Company team building activities in Bristol

Team building in Bristol is not an uncommon activity. These exercises can help groups improve their skills; particularly those of problem solving and leadership. It is highly recommended that all workplaces, no matter their size, partake in some kind of team building or team activity every year – preferably several times a year.

This is because team building can help to build healthy relationships between individuals who work together, but it can also weed out any discourse that may not usually be visible during the working day. The activities that are involved in team building are vital for improving workplace relationships and helping workers figure out each other’s strengths. There are no weaknesses, only learning opportunities and ways to help one another.

When choosing your team building activities in Bristol, a team leader or manager has several points to consider before booking or cementing any days out.

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Organising your team day out

Organisers should recognize that there needs to be some kind of outcome that comes from the Bristol team building activities. There is little point in setting a team out into the “wild” without a plan in mind. Even if that plan is as simple as getting your team to talk more or helping them release some stress in a fun or creative way. Your team will be wondering what the point of it all is; have an answer for them.

Consider your demographic, as well. If you have a younger team, they’re more likely to enjoy exciting and thrilling activities or days out; whilst older team members may prefer conferences with a few benefits attached. But these are all pretty common ideas with one single flaw: they don’t promote team effort. Any member of your team could easily separate themselves, or the larger group could split up into friendship cliques – and every age group has those.

West Country Games includes everyone

How do you stop that from happening, you ask? Consider activities that make your team members into a team outside of work. Sporting activities, races, challenges, make sure you incorporate things that people of all ages in your team can participate in, too.

In addition, take into account the health of your team and try to incorporate games that even those who aren’t completely able-bodied or in good health can still join. No one should be left behind if they choose to sign up to your team building event.

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Fun Team Activities

Now that you’ve got a plan of action, it’s time to find an event or a suitable company who offer team building events. For Bristol team building, try West Country Games! West Country Games is the collision of ideas between two childhood friends who want to invite others to get back to the basic enjoyments of childhood: running around in the fields and trying to get the best of one another.

West Country Games is a fun activity company that creates games which are suitable for those who want to interact with each other. It’s all about having fun, with no pressure attached, and making sure that anyone of any ability can join in.

The company currently have nine games that can be played by your employees. Three of them are outlined below, so that you can get a rough idea of the craziness your desk-bound workers can get up to if you believe they need a little escape for a while. Who doesn’t love beating a colleague with a giant blow-up baton and trying to get them to fall over, after all?

Fun Team Activities

That first game we’ve thrown in there is “Pitchfork Duel”, a game that West Country Games is positive will sort out any lingering disagreements or grievances about who ate the last chocolate digestive.

Our second game choice is the “West Country Wipeout”, a hectic team building activity that gets everyone involved.  Dodge the pedal powered Badger themed sweeper arm as your colleague tries to knock you down. Harder than it sounds!

For number three, try your hand at throwing a welly boot at a target. “Welly Wanging” is sure to get the competitive spirit going! A classic team building in Bristol game, keeping a tradition alive.

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Let us manage your Bristol Team Building event

But that’s not all we can offer at West Country Games. Our activities are great for companies, and we have plenty more to offer you than what you can see here. Bristol team building activities are easy to find, but you’ll never come across a set of games like the field-bound ones that we offer.

We can manage your entire day for you, and even include lunch for your hungry welly throwers that have just launched a rubber boot backwards or almost hit their neighbour in the head. Coaches and minibus transfers are available with us, too; we aren’t going to leave anyone stranded in the middle of nowhere.

And if you’ve got a few business things to do, as well, we can help you out with some nearby conference facilities. Contact us today and see what kind of wonderful English weather we can conjure up for you while your co-workers and team members battle it out for first place.


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