Best Bristol Nightclubs & Nightlife Guide

Bristol has got a strong list of nightclubs that cater for stag or hen dos, so it makes for a great location for your big send-off. This guide covers a lot of bases with options for a wide variety of tastes, ranging from 80s classics and indie club nights to DJ dance floor fillers and themed entertainment.

You can also find out more about our Bristol stag weekend and Bristol hen weekend activities & packages to add in some fun activities to all of the excitement.

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Top 10 Nightclubs In Bristol

Bristol Nightclubs Nightlife


Thekla in Bristol is a unique and iconic nightclub, housed in a converted cargo ship permanently moored in the city's Mud Dock area.

Known for its eclectic mix of live music and DJ sets, Thekla has become a beloved fixture in Bristol's vibrant nightlife scene. Its distinct setting, combined with an array of genres spanning indie, rock, electronic, and hip-hop, attracts a diverse crowd.

The interior's nautical theme adds to its charm, making it a memorable venue for night-outs.

popworld bristol


Popworld Bristol is a vibrant and lively nightclub located in the heart of Bristol, England. Known for its retro vibe and colourful interior, it attracts a diverse crowd looking for a fun night out.

The club features a dance floor pulsating with classic pop hits from the 90s, and early 2000s. Its lively atmosphere, themed nights, and regular DJ events make it a popular destination for party-goers and pop music enthusiasts.

Bristol Nightclubs Nightlife

Lola Lo

This Polynesian-styled Bristol nightclub has got as much tongue-in-cheek as it does monkey nuts on its counter. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it does throw in the occasional DJ set to keep the place jumping.

Known for its fascinating and upbeat atmosphere, enjoy its tropical décor and themed cocktails. The venue is famous for its lively dance floor, playing a mix of chart-topping hits and classic anthems.

With a reputation for hosting memorable nights out, Lola Lo offers an immersive escape into a paradise-like party experience, specialising in Hen & Stag Parties!

Bristol Nightclubs Nightlife


This huge Bristol nightclub boasts seven themed rooms, ranging from chart-topping hits to electronic dance music, so it should have something for everyone and a whole lot to explore.

Pryzm is known for its state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems which create a great immersive experience for club-goers.

There are five bars in total and the venue offers a wide range of drinks, including a big cocktail menu, making this a strong contender for either a stag do or hen party.

If you'd like to have a base, you can hire VIP tables in each room, which is fab when you want to rest your tired feet for a few moments and catch up on the gossip!

They even come complete with table service which is a game changer when you're ordering for a large group of people.

la rocca bristol

La Rocca

La Rocca is a three-room nightclub that bills itself as a party venue with a safe, fun atmosphere and reasonably priced drinks. It's a bit of a Bristol institution, and if you've ever lived in the city you're bound to have ended up here at the end of one night or another!

They play classic tracks and chart tunes on the checkerboard dance floor, which gets pretty lively by the end of the night. It’s a no-nonsense nightclub with shots at the ready, and more flashing lights than Blackpool at Christmas.

You’ll find it on Triangle South, around the back of Lola Lo.

walkabout bristol


Walkabout is always a good option for stags and hens with its relaxed Antipodean approach to nightlife. It’s got classic themed party nights with Feelgood Fridays and Walkabout Saturdays, huge bars and plenty of dancefloor space.

motion bristol


Motion is an absolutely legendary Nightclub in Bristol, renowned for its exceptional electronic music scene. Set in a former skatepark, it boasts an authentic industrial aesthetic, creating an grungy, underground atmosphere.

The club's diverse lineup features both established and emerging DJs, drawing crowds from across the UK. With multiple indoor and outdoor spaces, Motion is a haven for dance music enthusiasts.

Don't miss their amazing all day events and weekenders for a proper bender of a stag or hen party!

lakota club


Lakota is a legendary nightclub in Bristol, renowned for its vibrant and eclectic music scene. Established in the early 1990s, it has become a cultural landmark, symbolizing Bristol's rich musical heritage.

The club boasts multiple rooms, each offering a unique auditory experience ranging from drum and bass to techno, attracting a diverse crowd of music enthusiasts.

Lakota's graffiti-covered exterior and rustic, industrial interior reflect Bristol's artistic and unconventional spirit. This venue not only hosts club nights but also community events, showcasing its commitment to the local culture.

lizard lounge bristol

Lizard Lounge

Bristol's longest standing and most iconic nightclub! Open Tuesday - Saturday until 4 am, you can stay until it's nearly sunrise! With two rooms playing R&B, Hip Hop, Indie, Rock and Cheese, it should keep everyone in the group happy.

Situated just at the top of Queens Rd, it lends itself well to being a finisher for a bar crawl either down Whiteladies Rd or up Park Street.

You can always find a fun crowd at Lizard Lounge, here for a venue that does not take itself too seriously and knows exactly how to get everyone jumping.

loco klub bristol

Loco Klub

Loco Klub is a unique cultural venue. Situated in the underground tunnels beneath Temple Meads railway station, this space offers a distinctive atmosphere for various events.

Loco Klub hosts everything from live music and theatre to art installations and club nights. Expect fully immersive themed nights, where every little detail will have been crafted to perfection.

It is always worth checking their listings to see what might capture your imagination!

Bristol Nightclubs Nightlife
Basement 45

Finally, getting into more serious waters, there’s Basement 45, which mixes a variety of music with guest and resident DJs. It’s got three dance floors and three bars, all underneath its arched basement ceiling.

There's a varied programme of events and themed nights from nineties rave to classic Bristolian Drum and Bass. You can also hire party rooms out, hire equipment and even have DJ lessons if you want to take your clubbing experience to a whole new level.

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