Stag Do Fancy Dress – The Best Stag Do Costumes

Having an epic stag do is about more than just getting drunk. It’s about having a laugh with your mates, it’s about trying new activities and it’s about the most hilarious, embarrassing stag do costumes you can possibly think of! Back in the day, a stag do was just a night out in the pub with a few pints of lager but today? Well, the sky’s the limit… literally! You want to go skydiving dressed like Superman? Go on then. How about a whole group of you driving a tank in terrible nun stag costumes? Why not!

Although each stag do is different, there are a few common stag do themes you can choose and the only limit is your imagination when it comes to dressing up. Once you’ve grabbed a great bunch of mates and decided where to go then the only thing left to worry about is which stag do costumes will cause the most embarrassment to the stag! We’ve put together a few of our favourite stag do fancy dress ideas to help you on your way.

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The Great Tradition of Stag Do Fancy Dress

Stag fancy dress has evolved over the years, and what was once just a chance to dress up like a woman and get drunk is now big business. As early as the 1800s, men were heading out in groups to have a drink or three before one of their number got married, and right from the start there was fancy dress involved. Stag do fancy dress ideas were slightly lacking back then though so it was often just making someone wear the wrong hat for their type of suit (true story)!

Nowadays it’s a rite of passage to grab a set of matching stag costumes and head out on the town, and you’ll rarely see groups of lads out drinking the last of their freedom away without some kind of fancy dress. Which leads us on to a very important consideration…

stag party history fancy dress

Fancy dress to embarrass the stag

This is only going to happen once, right? And the groom was a dick to you at school so this is your chance to get your own back! There are hundreds of embarrassing stag costumes to choose from, and picking the worst will make sure that it’s a night to remember for all the right reasons. Well… for you, anyway!

Try to work with their personality. Are they really image-conscious? Put them in something that makes them look horrendous; a baby’s bonnet to ruin their hair, or a mankini to leave nothing to the imagination. Or do they love being one of the lads and hate being told they’re under the thumb? A massive ball and chain might do the trick, followed by posting a million photos on Facebook! The best stag do costumes are the ones that cause maximum embarrassment to the stag while making you and your mates laugh the hardest.

What can you get away with (in public)?

The stag do fancy dress ideas we’ve mentioned so far have been pretty tame, because sadly there’s a limit to how much you can get away with in public. If you’ve hired a villa somewhere and it’s just you guys then that’s a different story, just don't forget that infamous Prince Harry photo in Las Vegas and think through your choices a little!

The basic rule for stag do costumes is this: embarrassing? Yes. Offensive to others? No! If you want to make the groom spend the night in a lady’s thong then crack on, but just be aware that you might not get let into bars, and if there are children around then you might get more than just complaints!

The same goes for anything that’s more offensive than just the groom’s naked body- needless to say, nothing sexist or racist please - just something that pokes fun at the man of the hour rather than offending a whole class of people.

stag wrestling costume funny

Our top 5 original stag do themes and costumes

So on to the good bit - our run-down of the best stag night costumes around. Take a look through our top five fancy dress themes, perfect for groups. With just the right balance between humour and humiliation, take your pick and get ordering ready for the big weekend!

Number 5 – May The Force Be With You

Star Wars Stag Do Costume

This is one of the best stag do themes- Star Wars. It sounds a bit random but think about it- loads of you get to dress up as Storm Troopers, the one with the best beard gets to be Chewbacca and the groom has to dress up as Princess Leia in her famous bikini! You can always make yourself Darth Vader and force the rest of them to buy you drinks all night.

Number 4 – Avengers Assemble!

stag fancy dress super heroes

It’s everyone’s childhood dream! Becoming superheroes! These are pretty versatile stag do costumes, as it’s up to you whether you go the whole way and rent the padded suits or just pick up a few logo t-shirts at Primark. Either way, when there’s loads of you dressed like it you’re sure to get some attention!

Number 3 – More Tea?

stag do fancy dress nuns

Our choice at number 3 is the ever-popular tarts and vicars. What it loses in originality, it gains in hilarity; obviously the groom needs to be a tart, and it’s up to you whether all of the rest of you just go demure and laugh at him while fully-dressed as vicars or join into the exposure game! Expect plenty of jokes about where he’s keeping his wallet

Number 2 – I’ve Got A Brand-New Combine Harvester!

west country games stag fancy dress

This the West Country classic- farmers. Everyone loves a yokel and this is one of the easiest stag do costumes to create from what you’ve already got at home. If you’ve got a checked shirt, braces and a flat cap then you’re already 90% of the way there so all you need to do is perfect your Somerset drawl and hit the bars! Alright, my luvver!

Number 1 – Ladies’ Night

stag do fancy dress baywatch

Our top pick, beating all comers as the classic must-do stag night costume, it’s dressing up as women, whether it’s schoolgirls, old ladies or the groom’s bride-to-be! It’s worth saying that this last option is one of the highest risk stag do fancy dress ideas, as it comes with the distinct possibility that the groom might call the wedding off if he’s too repulsed… Short skirts, wigs and fishnet stockings are all obligatory, and at least one of your mates will shave their legs for the occasion, we guarantee it.

pirate stag fancy dress

Where to purchase your stag do fancy dress

Now you’ve got some great stag do fancy dress ideas, you need to know where to buy the costumes. Jump on Google and take a look for local fancy dress shops; even if there isn’t information on the website, most places will have a good selection of ready-to-buy costumes if you head in for a visit.

Alternatively the internet is your best friend for this one. eBay has a seemingly unlimited selection of stag fancy dress, and you can usually buy 15 or 20 of the same costume at the same time to save everyone shopping separately. Our only warning here is to order it all in advance and then try it on before you want to wear it- the sizing can be weird and you don’t want to get stuck trying to force yourself into lady’s skirt at the eleventh hour! That said, maybe that’s your whole costume… we’re not judging!

stag do fancy dress embarrassing
Get that Stag Dressed!

So, there you have it! A great stag do starts with great stag fancy dress, and now you’ve got the lowdown on how to smash out the best stag night ever.

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