Axe Throwing in Bristol – The Best Bristol Axe Throwing Venues

Axe throwing is a modern sport that originated as a lumberjack pastime in Canada and across Scandinavia; eventually becoming popular enough and considered enough of a show of strength and skill that it began to become competitive.

Today, while still a woodsman’s timbersport in its own right, axe throwing has now become an commercial experience for all to try and can be found throughout non-competitive experiential venues across the world.

With ‘Brizzle’ being such a popular locale for occasions such as stag dos, big birthdays and special occasions, axe throwing bars in Bristol are prevalent and are popular amongst those visiting the city.

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The Best Bristol Axe Throwing Venues

If you’re looking to try a new experience such as axe throwing, Bristol is a great place to do it. There’s plenty of both indoor and outdoor urban axe throwing venues in the city, including sports centres, activity centres and specific axe throwing bars that make for a popular party destination.

So how does it all work...?

Most urban axe throwing experiences rely on participants learning the basics behind the sport before giving it a go themselves and playing a casual game to score points against one another.

There are a variety of different axe throwing board types and scoring methods, dependent either on geographical location or league.

Generally, you’ll find that the venues for Bristol axe throwing have boards made of cottonwood, poplar wood or pine wood; and that these are replaced daily (if not more often through busy periods) to ensure as few breakages as possible.

In most cases, axe throwing boards have 4-6 different scoring zones, each with a differing point allocation for the axe landing upon it.

Axe Throwing Rules

The standard throwing line distance is around 12 feet, but you may find that some axe throwing venues insist on further for safety and insurance purposes.

Ideally, an axe will rotate only once in the air before hitting its intended target – but it’s not uncommon to find the person demonstrating the sport to be able to show off something a little more impressive.

In a league or match situation, if a participant steps over the line, the officials will immediately grant them zero points, regardless of where the axe lies according to traditional scoring.

If a participant intentionally steps over the line, the staff at a commercial axe throwing venue may ask them to leave, as this would be considered a violation of safety guidelines.

What constitutes an axe scoring depends on the league or game rules. In some games, the blade must be embedded into the board for the majority of its length (i.e., over 50%). While in others, it only needs to remain in place without falling for a few seconds.

There are two main sizes of axe used in competitive settings but for urban axe throwing venues, you’ll find three or four based on weights and whatever the participant is most easily able to lift.

Top Outdoor Bristol Axe Throwing Venues

Traditionally, axe throwing in Bristol and around the world has been an outdoor sport; but of course the Great British weather doesn’t always make this the ideal setting all year round! There are, however, four main venues for urban axe throwing in Bristol and each differs in its offering.

The Bristol Activity Centre

The Bristol Activity Centre) offers a wide variety of outdoor activities, experiences and sports: with urban axe throwing just one of them.

You can also partake in paintballing, airsoft, air rifle shooting, quad biking, archery, bubble football, and crossbow shooting – and can build a package of all the experiences you’d like to try.

Bristol Activity Centre combines axe throwing with knife throwing and offers a variety of different axe weights.

With their expert tutelage, the centre’s experts say most people can throw an axe bang on target within the first five to ten throws; and once you’ve done so, you can move on to the art of throwing knives.

A Bristol axe throwing session at the Activity Centre includes a one-hour time slot with full axe instruction and a safety briefing.

All training is provided by an expert in axe throwing, and they will offer up different sizes and weights of weapon for you to practice with as well as setting games to help participants improve their aim and scores.

Quite unusually, the axe throwing Bristol Activity Centre do allow participants aged 12+. But anyone aged under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and a full safety disclaimer signed.

Battle Archery Bristol

UK Active Outdoors Bristol presents a thrilling opportunity to go axe throwing in Bristol. Nestled in the scenic outdoor setting of the Avon Valley, participants can embrace the ancient art of axe throwing, learning techniques from skilled instructors.

The activity fosters a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition among friends and groups. Safety is paramount, with comprehensive guidance provided.

This exhilarating adventure offers a blend of focus, skill, and fun, making it a popular choice for group events and individual challenges. The minimum age is 16, and individuals under 18 must be accompanied by an adult who is 18 or older.

Max Events Bristol

Axe throwing at Max Events Bristol offers an exhilarating experience, blending skill, concentration, and a touch of adrenaline.

Participants learn to throw axes at wooden targets under expert guidance, ensuring safety and technique.

This activity, suitable for groups or individuals, fosters a competitive yet friendly environment. It's a unique way to bond, have fun, and embrace a satisfying skill.

Ideal for team-building, parties, or just a fun day out. Various packages available, participants 12+ dependant on location, see website for full details.

Adventure Bristol

This venue is located in a woodland area and provides a diverse range of outdoor activities suitable for corporate outings, school excursions, hen and stag parties, as well as residential visits.

The site includes facilities for everything from climbing to canoeing, raft building to high ropes, and of course your urban axe throwing Bristol experience! Taking part in axe throwing in the woods lends this experience a really genuine feel that can’t be found anywhere else locally.

Participants will receive a full safety briefing and training session before they compete for the highest individual and team score on the board.

Each person has 8 throws but don’t be surprised if things continue on longer; this is the centre’s most popular activity and they claim that many a round of drinks are won and lost here.

Axe throwing can only be done by individuals who are 18 years old or older.

Top Indoor Bristol Axe Throwing Venues

If the weather isn’t looking too great, or you feel that you’d like a warmer, more party-type experience, there are also plenty of places to try axe throwing in Bristol while staying indoors, with the following two venues the most popular…

Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing Bristol

Whistle Punks is a purpose-built venue centrally in the city. A chain, you can also find branches of Whistle Punk in Manchester, Leeds and London.

This axe throwing bar allows you to grab a drink and some snacks and take part in the sport in sealed metal cages to ensure the safety of all involved. You can watch others partake and give it a go yourself while enjoying an afternoon or night out.

Sessions at Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing Bar in Bristol are 70mins long and designed for beginner’s. Each lane consists of 2 targets and can facilitate up to 10 players with a fully qualified instructor in your café at all times.

All sessions include a safety briefing, tutelage, a tournament and some tuition of trick shots including how to throw (and score) with two axes at once!

Only individuals aged 18 and older are allowed entry to Whistle Punks venues.

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