Escape Rooms in Bristol – The Best Bristol Escape Rooms

Escape rooms in Bristol offer an exhilarating blend of challenge and fun. These immersive experiences are perfect for groups seeking adventure. From intricate puzzles to captivating themes, Bristol's escape rooms promise an unforgettable experience.

At the heart of every Bristol escape room is its puzzles. These range from logical riddles to physical tasks. Solving these puzzles requires teamwork, making escape rooms ideal for team-building events. Cracking a tough puzzle offers an unmatched sense of satisfaction.

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Choosing your Bristol Escape Room...

Escape rooms first gained popularity in the early 00s across Asia and Europe but quickly hit commercial success across the world and spread to North America and the Middle East too.

Designed originally as family-friendly activities focused on problem-solving, they usually come in the format of a themed room or rooms that require a group of people to work together to ‘escape’.

Through the solving of a series of puzzles, the team can work through the stages of the activity and finally gain a code or method with which they can leave.

Players typically complete these tasks against the clock, often within sessions of an hour or 90 minutes. Those who manage to leave the room within the set time are declared winners. Their escape time is then displayed on a league table, compared to other groups who have participated.

In reality, escape rooms aren’t actually locked and there is usually a games-keeper on-site at all times.

If participants become ‘stuck’ on a puzzle, there’s often a method with which to feed them hints to keep the game going, and of course, if the group are unable to complete the puzzles in the time frame, the games-keeper releases them from site.

best bristol escape rooms

Top Bristol Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are actually based on the gaming genre of ‘escape the room’ which were initially Flash-based games for PC web browsers before the advent of smartphone and apps upon them.

In these games, players must locate clues and objects within a single room or building and solve puzzles based on them. Similar formats that struck mainstream attention appear in various TV gameshows including The Crystal Maze, The Adventure Game, Knightmare and Fort Bovard.

Today, there’s a variety of different types of escape room; for differing audiences and different types of gameplay. These include gameplay featuring word puzzles, substitution cyphers, riddles, Sudoku, mathematical problems, jigsaw puzzles, matchstick puzzles, chess, or searching or assembling a physical product.

Depending on their theme, people often refer to escape rooms as riddle rooms, puzzle rooms, escape games, or exit rooms.

For those in or visiting the West Country, there’s lots of choice for escape rooms in Bristol. Alongside a city bustling with great places to visit, eat and drink, it’s easy to make a great day, weekend or even week away full of memorable activities and mischief for all ages and appetites of your group!

locked in a room bristol escape room

Locked In A Room

Locked In A Room is a chain escape room in Bristol that also has locations in Exeter, London, Milton Keynes and Southampton. Each escape room in Bristol presents a distinct story and atmosphere, ranging from mysterious to thrilling.

You can even find 'A Grand Way Out', where Aardman bring Wallace & Gromit's first escape room to their home town. Wallace has forgotten the code to his workshop but with the help of the Memory-O-Matic helmet, participants will help him remember.

Parallax sees participants strive to rescue a time-travelling super genius through his last known location, the Parallax Military Bunker. But of course, security is at an all-time high so they must bypass protocol and be fast about it.

Jungle encourages players to retrieve the landscape’s most dangerous treasure as they discover it has been failed by a secret agent.

Infinity and Parallax available as a multi-player experience across all four rooms for larger groups looking to compete at the same puzzles.

Locked In A Room allows players of all ages (including babies!) but anyone under 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Building 11, Explore Lane, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5TY

escape hunt bristol

Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt is a chain Bristol escape room, with sites in 19 locations across the UK. With four escape rooms run by expert games-masters, you’ll find something for everyone at this venue.

Whovians will love the Doctor Who Bristol escape room ‘When World’s Collide’, which sees participants enter the offices of ChronosCorp HQ, where they must repair a tear in the fabric of space and time to avoid the Cybermen coming through and attacking Earth to invade.

History buffs will enjoy ‘Our Finest Hour’, which transforms players to MI6 agents in wartime year 1943, ready to locate and destroy Nazi superweapons in order to protect the continent.

In ‘The Fourth Samurai’, players are based in ancient Japan and are primed to defeat the evil warlord Tanaka Masamune who is protected by an powerful curse held in the magic stone of his sword.

Finally, ‘Blackbeard’s Treasure’ sees pirates serving Captain Blackbeard defect and help themselves to his treasures before jumping ship – but the cabin door has jammed shut and sharks are circling hungrily!

Escape Hunt permits players aged 8+ but everyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Games last 60 mins as standard and all rooms are wheelchair accessible but due to space constraints it’s generally recommended that there are no more than two wheelchair users per group. All rooms are suitable for between 2-6 players.

Cabot Circus, Bristol, BS1 3BX

riddlr bristol escape room

Riddlr Bristol

Ranked #1 as Bristol escape rooms on TripAdvisor and Google at time of writing! They boast of four escape rooms in Bristol city centre and one play-at-home game.

The horror-themed room Séance sees players investigate the disappearance of paranormal investigator Clarissa Stubbs. Retracing her steps and performing a séance is critical to awaken the same phantoms she did the night she vanished; but is by no means easy.

The Wizard’s Apprentice is a favourite amongst Harry Potter fans and finds participants to track down Professor Harry Halfsickle who has been kidnapped by dark witch Dharma Deceptrix!

Wizarding students must search for him and return him safely, making sure they don't become trapped in another portal themselves.

Nautilus finds players locked in the brig of a submarine with a missing captain, stalled engines and rapidly-running-out oxygen supplies, and Decade Runner immerses participants in the 1980s to face a Zoltar machine, direct Pac Man and answer Zork troll’s riddles.

Riddlr’s play-at-home game can be downloaded and printed to play anywhere and includes similar puzzles and engaging narratives for those looking to join in without leaving the comfort of their sofa!

Riddlr warn that their Bristol escape rooms do include flashing lights. Players aged 13 and above find the rooms appropriate, but any players under 18 must have a responsible adult present on the premises.

city mazes bristol

City Mazes Bristol

The City Mazes is an exciting and innovative escape game experience located in Bristol and other venues around the country.

This attraction offers a unique blend of challenges and puzzles, designed to test the problem-solving skills and teamwork of its participants. Each game room within City Mazes presents a distinct theme and storyline, requiring players to decipher clues, solve puzzles, and unlock secrets to escape the room within a set time limit.

Rooms on offer include, Abandoned Office, Bunker Blowout, Hostage Hostel, The Runner & Subject 11.

The immersive environments, creative storylines, and intricate puzzles make City Mazes Bristol a thrilling destination for friends, families, and team-building events.

This engaging experience not only provides entertainment but also fosters communication, collaboration, and critical thinking among its participants.

clue hq bristol escape rooms

Clue HQ

Clue HQ's Bristol escape rooms have three activities for players; each suitable for up to six players and lasting 60 mins.

In Bunker 38, players are granted one hour to find their way out of the underground bunker they’ve been living in for years due to a radiation leak.

Now the air outside is believed to be clean, it’s time to resurface: but the lock isn’t working and oxygen levels are running low.

In "The Betrayal of Cluetankhamun," explorers have discovered a long-lost tomb, but the team sent to excavate the Cluetan Crystal from it has vanished. It’s now time to send a new expedition in to retrieve the jewel.

In A-I-9, a world with robots integrated into society exists – but it seems that the AI peacekeeping program has failed and as a result, the 9bots are set to destroy humankind. Can they be saved?!

Clue HQ advise that one player from each team must be able to safely crawl for both Bunker 38 and The Betrayal of Cluetankhamun in order to complete the game.

The operators welcome anyone over the age of 7 to play, but they ideally design the games for players aged 10 and above. Players aged 16 or under must be accompanied by a paying adult.

escape rooms bristol venue

Hell in a Cell Escape Rooms Bristol

Hell in a Cell Escape Rooms Bristol offer three toe-curling, terrifying horror-themed rooms that are sure to spook. The most popular, Hell In A Cellar, follows a serial killer known as Pig Face who is on the run as the police discover his lair.

Now forced to the confines of a cellar below a disused theatre, he strives to possess his latest victim’s skin… and you must escape.

The Execution follows Pig Face as he discovers a portal to another dimension in the same cellar, which leads straight to an execution chamber in a dystopian society; and The Ward eerily finds players waking up in a hospital ward remembering nothing and faced with a Doctor who kidnaps new subjects for experiments.

The escape rooms, featuring horror themes, claim to rank among the scariest escape room experiences nationwide.

The operators recommend these games for players aged 18 and above, but they may accommodate players as young as 12 with prior consultation.

Groups of up to 10 people are ideal for these rooms. However, players should be aware that the facilities do not accommodate wheelchairs.

houdinis escape room

Houdini's Bristol

Houdini's Escape Room in Bristol offers a thrilling and immersive experience, inspired by the legendary escapologist Harry Houdini.

This escape room challenges participants to solve puzzles and unravel mysteries within a time limit, echoing Houdini's famous escapades.

Set in meticulously designed, themed rooms, it offers an exciting blend of history and adventure. In Houdini's Last Secret, you play the part of a member of the audience at one of the great escapologist's shows.

But just where did he disappear to!? Alternatively, dive into the jungle for a dose of Indiana Jones in the Temple Raider game.

Teams must work together, using clues and their wits to escape, making it a perfect activity for friends, family, or team-building events.

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