Go Karting in Bristol – The Best Bristol Go Kart Venues

Go karting in Bristol is a sport in its own right but is also a popular commercialised activity and comes in a variety of types including mini sports cars, open-wheeled cars, quadracycles, non-motorised karts and high-performance drag racing karts.

Originally invested by the company Art Ingels back in 1956, go karts originated in Los Angeles but is now a go-to pastime and occasional activity worldwide.

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Bristol Go Karting History

Go karting is a sport in its own right but is also a popular commercialised activity and comes in a variety of types including mini sports cars, open-wheeled cars, quadracycles, non-motorised karts and high-performance drag racing karts.

Originally invested by the company Art Ingels back in 1956, go karts originated in Los Angeles but is now a go-to pastime and occasional activity worldwide.

Traditionally, small two-stroke and four-strokes internal combustion engines are used in the motorised varieties of go karts, with power transmitted from the engine to the rear axle by way of a chain or belt.

These are often air-cooled engines and are manufactured by well-known motor producers such as Yamaha, Aixro, Biland and KTM. Most such engines are built to design and are intended only for go kart usage.

High Octane Go Karting

Of course, given society’s continued increasing appetite toward greener alternatives for non-sustainable vehicles, there are now a number of electric go karts available: and these tend to be the ones found at commercialised go kart centres and tracks.

As such models are pollution-free and don’t emit any smoke or toxins, they’re ideal for indoor usage and so work well for amusement parks and indoor electricity centres. Generally speaking, these are powered by lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries but some are fitted with hydrogen fuel cells.

Lots of electric go kart models allow for remote control, allowing a track attendant or race referee to slow or halt a kart in the event of unsafe driving or another hazard. It also makes for a great safety protocol for younger riders, widening accessibility to go karting to those of most ages.

In some countries, go karts can be used on public roads but this is not the case in the UK. In the European Union, however, they may be permitted provided they are modified for safe road use through the installation of high and low beam headlights, tail lights, indicators, an engine not exceeding 15kW and a horn.

Bristol Karting Tips

Today, go karts are primarily used for commercial enterprises, either on indoor or outdoor tracks. These are usually rented for timeslots or daily and can be used recreationally just to practice or in an informal race situation.

In most instances, users can ‘arrive and drive’ with just a short safety briefing before helmets, gloves and driver outfits are supplied and they’re left to give it a go.

Both indoor and outdoor go karting tracks can be found around the world; and for those who enjoy the experience, they can choose to take the hobby a little more seriously and work their way up to the Indoor Karting World Championship (IKWC) to compete!

Go karting in Bristol is popular amongst both those looking to pass a few hours and those celebrating a big birthday, hen do, stag do or other occasion.

There’s a great variety of venues throughout the city and if you’re looking to do some other activities alongside your attempt to go kart, Bristol makes for a great choice!

Top Picks for Go Karting in Bristol

Bristol is a great place for a break away and so is a top choice amongst those looking to celebrate an occasion or try something new. Generally speaking, when it comes to your Bristol go kart experience you’ll find two types of track: indoor and outdoor.

While not prescriptive, it’s standard for indoor tracks to be a little shorter and smaller, although they may be split across different levels. Outdoor tracks tend to be longer and wider and are usually either made up of a traditional concrete circuit or a purpose-built off-road course for added difficulty and a different type of rally practice.

Most Bristol go kart tracks are recreational, but several offer additional tuition should you wish to hone your skills and work your way up the ranks of a league.

Indoor Go Karting Bristol

Check out our pick of the best indoor karting venues in Bristol. Choosing an indoor venue suddenly opens up a lot more flexibility for the time of year and time of day you might want to race.

Perhaps you're planning a Bristol stag weekend in the winter, or maybe you just don't want to deal with the unpredictability of the British climate, either way, indoor karting can be a great option as an all weather activity!

Team Sport

Team Sport is the Bristol go kart site of this chain brand, which offers drivers the chance to put pedal-to-the-metal in a multi-level state-of-the-art circuit measuring 800m. A fully National Karting Association (NKA) compliant track, this indoor circuit is wider and more competitive than most recreational venues of this type.

The karts are specifically lightweight to be accessible to as many ages and abilities of driver as possible, and expert Racing Hosts brief and coach all drivers throughout their Bristol go karting experience.

Team Sport Bristol offer go karting for anyone over the age of 8, providing they have an inside leg measurement of 25 inches (in order to reach the pedals!). Adult karts are bigger and accommodate anyone aged 12+.

Absolute Karting Bristol

Absolute Karting Bristol is home to the longest double-level track in the city and one of the longest in the South West! 1,000m of exhilarating bends, chicanes, straights and ramps sees drivers race their go karts up to 45mph (although this is limited for children).

Younger drivers can even partake in a six-day Race Academy programme to receive tuition from professionals to learn to become the ultimate racer – or there are family race experience days that can pit drivers of all ages against one another in a competitive environment.

Absolute Karting Bristol also has the facility for ‘glow karting’; that is an evening of them turning off the lights around the track and cranking up UV, neon and light shows with music to provide an unforgettable night out! Karts vary from 270cc LPG Honda-powered engines for adults and between 120cc-160cc for children.

Absolute Karting Bristol stipulate a minimum age of 8 years old for a cadet (child) go kart, and 14 for an adult go kart. No upper age limit exists but all drivers must be able to get in and out of the kart unaided and be of reasonable health. Everyone driving must be at least 130cm in height.

JDR Karting

JDR Karting offers Bristol go kart experiences alongside other indoor activities including laser tag, segways and axe throwing.

A smaller track best suited for children, the circuit features three high-speed banking corners and go kart slots can be booked alongside other activities as part of a package.

JDR Karting has a minimum age for go karting of 12 years old and a minimum height of 1.45m.

Outdoor Go Karting Bristol

If you fancy the real F1 experience, it's got to be an outdoor track come rain or shine! Who knows, perhaps you can earn the Hamilton title and even perform better in the wet! Don that helmet and suit and get down to one of our top outdoor karting venues.

Drive Tech

Drive Tech is somewhat of a Bristol go kart legend, situated just down the room in Castle Combe. Their 350m long MSA-approved track is suited to all weathers and with 200cc karts sees drivers race up to 40mph; considerably faster than most indoor Bristol go kart venues can accommodate for!

Drive Tech offer adult and junior karting sessions as well as 1:1 tuition for those looking to learn to race to a decent league standard.

Hen and stag parties can be catered for bespoke. Drive Tech boasts custom-made go-karts by manufacturer Biz, featuring Honda GX200RH wet clutch engines.

Drive Tech accommodates children aged 10+ but stipulates a minimum height of 142cm for safety purposes.

Weston Shooting Lodge

Weston Shooting Lodge offers a different Bristol go karting experience: off-road karting! Boasting a 600m off-road circuit, the track is twice the length of most other recreational centres and includes rough terrain for drivers to try out overtaking, twisting, turning and racing in 400cc karts built specifically to spring and ride smoothly on difficult ground. Each driver competes in 4 races (each 5 laps in total), with 5 drivers on track at a time and 5 more waiting in the pits.

Each race is individually times and these are added together to find the fastest overall. Once all complete, a medal ceremony takes place and the winners are awarded!

Weston Shooting Lodge can only accommodate drivers aged 16+. Their track is, however, closed from October – March due to the possibility of wet and muddy conditions that could render racing unsafe.

Max Events

Max Events offers go karting in Bristol alongside archery, assault rifle shooting, axe throwing, blind driving, clay shooting, crossbox, human table football, knife-throwing, paintballing, quad biking and zombie apocalypse challenges.

The most popular activity is undoubtedly the go karting, which offer ‘off-road rebel buggies; which drive brilliantly across rough ground in rally driving conditions – the perfect opportunity to get competitive amongst a group or just give your skills the ultimate test!

Max Events only offer Bristol go kart experiences to those aged 18+, although no driving license is required (it’s not a legal stipulation for karts of this size or type).

There is no minimum or maximum size of driver but the team do advise that those weighing over 20st may find it tricky to get in and out of their karts due to the size of them. The track is open year-round but may be closed in the event of inclement weather; in which case your session will be rescheduled when hopefully conditions are a little safer.

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